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Tackling food waste through social entrepreneurship in the UK

Dillard University Junior Fellows Olu Joaquim and Aaliyah Cummings and Ashesi Fellow Beryl Nana Akuffo-Kwapong were selected for a two-week Changemaker Exchange Program at the University of Northampton in the United Kingdom.  The program focuses on Social Entrepreneurship and Community Development, and their participation was sponsored through the Melton Foundation’s Action Grant. Here is the report:

The Changemaker Exchange Program enabled Melton Fellows to gain more knowledge about social entrepreneurship through conceptual learning. They volunteered at Elsie’s Cafe, a social enterprise in Northampton that operates a food project with a major goal of food waste reduction, while operating a “Pay As You Feel” business model. The University of Northampton is the first […]

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Melton Fellow co-creates permaculture solutions in Amazon

Chilean Melton Fellow Diego Nicolas was selected to participate at IDDS Amazon, a two-week permaculture-themed summit that brought together 40 participants from all over the world and with different backgrounds to co-create innovative solutions with local community members of fishing and farming communities along the river banks of the Amazon River in northern Brazil. Here's his report:

Today, we burnt a bonfire in the warm, 27-degree night. There was heavy rain, all was flooded, but we kept dancing to traditional Brazilian music and making rounds with Capoeira. The group is amazing, from all over the world, and because the theme was permaculture and the idea is to co-create, here I could understand […]

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Melton Foundation at Nexus Global Youth Summit

A delegation of fellows joined changemakers from around the world and explored collaborations in impact philanthropy.

The Melton Foundation was invited to participate in the Nexus Global Youth Summit at the U.N Headquarters in New York, from 20th-22nd July. Junior Fellows Ashitha Nayak and Beryl Nana Ama Akuffo-Kwapong and Senior Fellows Victor Valenzuela and Gaurav Visvanathan  joined the Executive Director Winthrop Carty in representing the MF at the summit. Nexus is a global movement […]

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Report: The power of leadership networks

Based on the Impact Networks Roundtable in New York last June, the report is a resource for those looking to grow and expand the impact of their networks.

On June 22 in New York, the Melton Foundation held one in a series of roundtables on the power of leadership networks. Today we are releasing the Impact Networks Summary Report based on that roundtable. We hope the report can serve as a resource for other networks looking to grow, expand, raise support, learn, and thrive in the […]

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We are all humans – so we have the same rights!

Welcoming people who have already lost their safety and freedom is the only right thing to do, says Melton Fellow Leo Schwarz.

“Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.” Can you guess where this quote comes from? It’s in  the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Article 3), which was adopted by the United Nations in 1948. The declaration also states that no one can be excluded from that rule – no matter their […]

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FSU Jena conference recap: Creating a more inclusive society

Us vs. the others? Why do we actually think in such categories? Who defines who is ‘us’ or ‘the others’?

Such questions were raised during the conference hosted by the Melton Foundation at Friedrich Schiller University (FSU) in Jena, Germany on  June 17 and 18. With the conference, FSU Melton Fellows created a space for diverse communities to meet, to get to know each other and to exchange stories. But what does it take to break this type of divisive thinking […]

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Listen Up! A crash course in empathy

Understanding others can be done in two steps: First, you have to understand yourself, your privileges and your oppressions.

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“We’re normal, just not common”: Swinging both ways in India

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if someone walked up to you and said you weren’t ‘allowed’ to have four limbs? That you would have to either hide or fight something you were born with?

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2016 International Civil Society Week Recap

Melanie Garrett offers her insights into the 2016 International Civil Society Week, where the Melton Foundation presented a workshop with an 8-member delegation.

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How to be a hummingbird: A lesson on Global Citizenship

There are so many things in the world we would like to change: but where to start? Here’s how anyone can learn to make a difference ...

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