Unlike other families in his village, Longhui’s grandparents passed away, both of his parents live with him and take good care of him. They make a lovely couple — when I asked Longhui’s mother about her marriage, I could see joy and satisfaction in her expression.

6 year old Longhui lives with his parents in this little room, keeping all his toys in this drawer. 


Longhui tells me the  story of Xiang’s mother. Much like other communities in rural China, villagers know each other’s affairs and there probably isn’t a secret among the community.

Longhui took our camera and led us to the cowshed of his family.

Longhui found this pair of glasses on the top of the refrigerator and wears them in front of the camera. Behind him is Xiang — the two play together and have fun.

This is Longhui’s collection. He seemed to be pretty proud of all these stickers. 

Longhui has a very good relationship with his mother. She also came from Yunnan, but unlike other women, she married her husband of her own accord. She told me that she was introduced to Longhui’s father while he was on a trip to buy a bride in Yunnan. They fell in love and married afterwards. When Longhui was 3 years old, they went to Yunnan, but the trip was expensive and they’re unable to afford another one for now.