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Global Solvers Accelerator- Frequently Asked Questions

The Global Solvers Accelerator is an 8-month, peer-driven, and collaboration-based leadership program with practical learning and implementation. We invite you to read through the most frequently asked questions about the program, and discover insightful application tips, a deeper view into the program, scholarship information, and more!

Q) What is the core objective behind the Global Solvers Accelerator that applicants need to keep in mind while applying?

The Global Solvers Accelerator serves as a learning platform, a catalyst, and an accelerator for young adults aged 20-35 who are invested in social impact work and are looking to work with global peers to pivot their work. 

During a guided, experiential learning journey with intentional peer exchange, tailored subject matter advisory, and leading-edge thematic impulses, you will build the competencies, capacity, and network(s) to intentionally unleash the fullest transformative potential of your social impact work.

Collectively, we will strive towards you becoming the catalyst for transformative change who can leverage their global citizenship skills to connect and collaborate across boundaries of place, identity, and paradigms. Here’s an overview of what you can expect to learn during your 8-month journey as a Global Solver! 

The program follows a pedagogy of blended learning, project assignments, peer exchange, and subject matter advisory to build capacity in areas such as collective leadership, transformative impact, and systemic design and maximize the learning that can be directly applied to your project.

Q) What are the Sustainable Development Goals? Can my project focus on any of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals?

According to the United Nations, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges we face, including poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace, and justice. In 2015, the United Nations created 17 Sustainable Development Goals and aimed to achieve them by 2030 with the Agenda 2030

At the Global Solvers Accelerator, our aim is to help participants refine and scale their projects so that they can contribute more effectively to the SDGs. Since the 17 SDGs are interlined, your project can focus on (a minimum of) one, or more of the SDGs.

Q) Can I apply to the program without a project?

No. The Global Solvers Accelerator program is tied to your work in a social impact project or initiative and many tasks throughout the program will be connected with that project. The project you would bring to the program can be at any stage – early or advanced – but without a project, you would not be able to get the most out of the program.

Q) Are there any specific requirements my project must satisfy to be selected? Can I apply if my project is still an idea yet to be implemented?

Yes. The project you are applying with can be in any stage – early planning or advanced implementation – and it must meet these three criteria:

(a) it is an existing social impact project,

(b) it is concrete and connected to a particular territory or community (on the ground), and

(c) it continues AT LEAST for the duration of the program. Furthermore, you should be able to elaborate on the connection of the project and at least one of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Q) Do I need to prepare any documents for my application?

The online application form is one of the primary materials you need to prepare. The form is comprehensive and requires some time to complete, so we suggest you start to prepare for it early, using the Application Guide you can download here.

IF YOU REQUIRE A SCHOLARSHIP IN SUPPORT OF YOUR PARTICIPATION FEE, you must present the following documents together with your application:
a) a personal statement outlining the need for support
b) an endorsement letter from a trustworthy reference (e.g., a supervisor or co-leader of the project you’re applying with)
Be sure to check the Application Guide (linked above) for specifics.

Q) Is the application to the program per every individual? If I am working on my community project with a group, can we apply to the program as a group?

The program is designed for individual participants to collaborate with other like-minded participants from all over the world. The application is individual. If you are working on your project in a group, we encourage you to designate one group member from your midst to apply to represent your group. Because the program is project-based, there will be ample opportunity to (indirectly) benefit from the program through your representative.

Q) Is the program fully online or hybrid? Will I need to travel for the Global Solvers Accelerator? Do I get to participate in the in-person retreat in July, if selected for the Global Solvers Accelerator?

The program follows a hybrid model. While most learning sessions, assignments, and activities are hosted online, actively engaged participants will also have the opportunity to participate in the fully-funded in-person global retreat in July 2023, similar to the Global Solvers Co-Lab.

Q ) When is the deadline for application?

The global application deadline is March 1st, 2023 at 23:59 hrs US-EST (New York). Any applications submitted past the deadline will not be considered.

Q) How much do I have to pay for the program and what is the deadline for the fee payment? Why charge a program fee?

At the Global Solvers Accelerator, everyone contributes – also financially. While the program comes with significant financial aid for deserving participants, we charge a participation fee to attract serious candidates and to build accountability for participation. 

The program fee is 750 USD and the deadline to pay the same is within three weeks of being accepted into the program. Scholarships are available to participants with proven needs.

The fee has two primary purposes:

  • It helps to subsidize some of the program activities, which may include a week-long in-person retreat, and
  • It allows the set up of a collective fund that will be available to deserving projects towards the end of the program.

Q) Are there scholarships available if I cannot pay the program fee? Can I receive a full scholarship to participate in the Global Solvers Accelerator?

Scholarships covering up to 80% of the program fee are available to participants with proven needs, and you will be asked to indicate whether or not you would require a scholarship with the application to the program. Full scholarships are NOT available, but we encourage participants to raise the funds to participate in the program.

Here are 10½ crowdfunding tips to help you organize the campaign and reach your crowdfunding goal.

Q) Is the Global Solvers Accelerator open to applicants from all countries?

Yes. The application is open globally. We only expect participants to bring sufficient English language skills to participate in all aspects of the program.

Q) Is the Global Solvers Accelerator available in another language?

Currently, the program is offered in English as a means of communication to ensure participation and exchange among participants from different parts of the world.

Q) What kind of learning materials and contents will I have access to during the Global Solvers Accelerator? 

The Global Solvers Accelerator combines the finest of blended and peer learning. Throughout the program, we will tackle 8 thematic areas to unearth – or, should we say – unleash the fullest transformative of your project, including project effectiveness, team efficiency, collective leadership, (social) innovation & transformative change, systemic analysis and stakeholder mapping, impact modeling, audience engagement, and Monitoring & Evaluation.

With each thematic module, you will have access to curated reading and viewing bi-weekly online workshops, subject matter advisory and mentoring, and – most importantly – a practitioner’s window into the world of social impact elsewhere through your peers.

Q) Can I expect to participate in live sessions (e.g. via Zoom)?

Yes. The Global Solvers Accelerator is divided into 8 modules, each spanning one month, approximately. Each module entails two 90min life sessions online to deliberate on monthly topics and how they affect the work and impact of the project you want to accelerate.

Furthermore, the program includes an in-person retreat in July 2023 for active and engaged Global Solvers! All of the activities during the retreat will be in-person and/or hybrid.

Q) How many people will be selected for the program?

Each year, we accept up to 20 motivated and well-suited candidates into the program.

Q) How will I know if I am selected?

Following the application deadline (1 March 2023), a selection committee will get to work to identify the best-suited candidates to participate in the program. The selection process spans multiple evaluation stages, the last one being a 120 min virtual assessment center for shortlisted candidates (on 18 March –  tentatively scheduled for 1:30 pm GMT). Shortlisted candidates will receive an email invitation to the Assessment Center approximately 5 days prior to the date.

The 20 well-suited candidates selected for the program will receive detailed information about the next steps within a week of the Assessment Center, including how to pay the program fees, materials to prepare, and the onboarding process for the program.

Applications are open!

Applications for the Global Solvers Accelerator will be open until 1st March, 2023. What are you waiting for? Seize the chance to be a part of the 2023 cohort today!