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Accelerating sustainable development by connecting grassroots experiences, empowering emerging community leaders, and unleashing transformative change at a Glo-Cal scale.

At the Global Solvers Accelerator, young and motivated change agents actively engaged in community development projects from across the globe connect hearts, hands, and minds. They harness their fullest potential to drive sustainable development from the grassroots level up.

Through an eight months peer-focused, project-based, and collaborative impact journey, participants refine their projects. They learn to pivot their skills, capacity, and connections to tap into the fullest transformative potential of their work to ignite shared solutions that cut across barriers of place, identity, paradigms, and further the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

A must-have resource for applicants – Download the brochure here and access in-depth information about the accelerator, special insight into the program, our contact information, and more in one place! 

Inviting SDG advocates and practitioners across the world to 

A signature program of the Melton Foundation, the Global Solvers Accelerator is deeply intertwined with our unique community of global citizenship practice and for successful participants, a gateway to joining the life-long Melton Foundation Fellowship!

The world does not face a shortage of solutions to global issues. What it needs is collaborative action which address multiple domains and defy boundaries.

Applications for the 2022 cohort are now CLOSED.

Program Details

The Accelerator is an 8-month, peer-driven, and collaboration-based leadership program with practical learning and implementation.

Eight monthly modules – Monthly learning themes – Consolidation and peer reviews – Practical application of know-how on grassroots impact projects

The Global Solvers’ Accelerator can help pivot impact projects and scale their impact. In order to do so, our program will have participants explore all program contents in modules, over a period of eight months. Each month brings a new module, new activities, and core competencies!

Who is the ideal Global Solver?

Global Solvers will participate in a transformative learning journey with participants from around the globe, building upon their experiences to emerge as socially responsible, collaborative community leaders! 

Are you a young community development practitioner aged between 20 – 35 years, who is curious, responsible, forward-thinking, familiar with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a proven track record of social impact, and actively engaged in or leading a local impact project currently? 

Then you are the ideal candidate to apply to the Global Solvers Accelerator!

The Global Solvers Accelerator excels when everyone contributes as we unpack concepts, methods, and tools for advancing sustainable development from the local level up. As a participant of the program, here’s what you should expect to bring:

Openness – to examine and unpack your SDG work and your role in the project honestly. You should be open to revealing insight, experience, challenges from project work, be open to feedback from self and others, and eventually become more disruptive through your work.

Willingness – to open your (own) experience, know-how, energy, resources, networks, resources, etc. up for others to access. We will be able to better intersect opportunities and leverage synergies that can impact your work at the community level and the bigger issues at hand.

Conviction – to dedicate an average of approx. 3 hrs per week to this program. Consistency and regular participation are key in making this 8-month, peer-driven, and collaboration-based leadership program a worthwhile experience – for you and everyone else.

Eagerness – to intersect the project you’re bringing to the program with the contents tackled during the program. Most of the learning in the program is experiential or “by doing”. Hence, it is of paramount importance that you intersect the program contents and your project practices.

Commitment – At the Global Solvers Accelerator, everyone contributes – also financially. Confirmed participants are requested to pay the program fee of 250 USD within one month after being accepted into the program (scholarships of up to 80% co-financing available – details are available at the application stage).

Clarity – about how this program can help pivot your impact project and how your experience can help enrich the program. Being clear about your expectations of the program can nurture a richer, more intentional learning experience throughout.

Would you prefer to have all the information you would need as an applicant handy? Download the Global Solvers Accelerator brochure and learn more about the program! 

Applications close on 31st March!

The application is fairly comprehensive and will require some time to develop. Start your Global Solvers Accelerator application today, the submission deadline is fast approaching!

An application guide containing the information you'll be asked to provide is available for download here. You can use it to develop your responses offline before submitting them.

Meet the Co-Developers of the Global Solvers Accelerator

The Global Solvers Accelerator has been made a reality with the generous support and contributions of our global, dynamic team of co-developers. Melton Fellows themselves, our team brings the right balance of skill, experience, and insights to the table!

Timeline & Process

The Global Solvers Accelerator is a learning journey that nurtures your leadership capacity starting today. Here’s the roadmap for a unique journey towards deep collaborations, powerful actions, and transformative change.

Global Solvers Co-Lab - Accelerating Social Impact!

Launched in 2018, the Global Solvers Co-Lab convenes emerging SDG advocates and community leaders from across sectors and geographies to learn, shape, and co-create solutions that advance sustainable development – in their communities and at a global scale!

While the world is moving together, it seems that important factors are yet to be put into place in order to tackle the big issues of our time. The Global Solvers Co-Lab is a unique space that harnesses the practices of global citizenship so that sectors, cultures and identities can converge into something “greater than the sum of its parts”.

If feasible in 2022, participants of the Global Solvers Accelerator will have preferred access to the event in order to deepen understanding of complex global issues, grow capacity, build networks for impact, and broaden impact horizons in an in-person format.

Global Solvers Co-Lab

An event to encompass transformative change across sectors, geographies, and identities.

Our Support Network

Join the Global Citizenship movement!

Whether as a participant in our program, a network partner, or supporter – we offer ample avenues for you to continue to be an integral member of our close-knit community! Take a look at the various options open for engaging with us!