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Putting Global Citizenship into Practice

Global Citizenship embodies the spirit of an individual to be an agent of change by tapping into the collective capacity of humankind to solve local problems with a global mindset. Are you open to tapping into the potential of Global Citizenship practice? Join us for a virtual week of action from 17-25 April!

Many challenges such as poverty, climate change, or systemic discrimination seem too overwhelming for individuals to make a difference. However, it is often the little things that create ripple effects that can bring great progress. Taking a global mindset when dealing with problems allows for new perspectives and ideas on how to approach a challenge. Bringing diverse perspectives together triggers innovation. 

The real strength of Global Citizenship lies in the fact that it ties together nationalities, cultures, and personalities in the pursuit of the common good whilst keeping its distinctive traits intact. Much potential lies in taking a collaborative approach in dealing with the challenges we face.  

When we begin to practice Global Citizenship, be it in our home, neighborhood, city, or region, the magic starts to unfold! Join us for a showcase and search for solution-driven ideas! 

What to expect during the Global Citizenship Week?

Over the course of a week, together with you, we're co-curating a host of virtual activities ranging from panel discussions, TownHalls, an Ideation Marathon, and local grassroots initiatives!

Our events are meant to discover and explore Global Citizenship by putting it into practice! Through our highly interactive and dynamic sessions, we aim to work collectively to solve today’s challenges. Using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a framework, we will look at opportunities to make a difference.

  • Feel the global pulse on timely issues – delve into practitioners’ discussions on cutting-edge topics
  • Tap into the richness of different cultures, enhance your knowledge of world cultures, and network with a diverse crowd
  • Explore the real root causes of systemic inequalities and discrimination in our opening Townhall and deliberate on how to overcome them
  • Showcase your skills and network with peers from around the world as part of the Global Citizenship virtual ideation marathon
  • … and more!

Best of the Global Citizenship Week 2021

Here are our most sought-after, unique, and open-to-all sessions of the Global Citizenship Week 2021! Participate in our wide array of diverse events and explore Global Citizenship first-hand!

Anti-Discrimination TownHall

2020 witnessed many people and organizations declaring themselves as allies for the cause to condemn racism and other forms of discrimination. But what has changed since then? How can individuals and organizations successfully fight discrimination? What does it mean to be truly anti-discriminatory and how do you detect your own biases?

In this panel, we will explore these questions together with Kelli McLoud Interim Executive Director for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion University of Tulsa & President of KMS Intercultural Consulting; Manju Patel-Nair, Racial justice facilitator & Change Consultant, ChangeMaker UnLtd

Global Citizenship Townhall

Global Citizenship is a concept which intertwines our identity with the interconnected, interdependent world of today. The Global Citizenship Townhall revolves around the theme of “Putting Global Citizenship into Practice”, where we explore ways to elevate the concept from the realm of theory to the realm of action! We fully recognize that the essence of global citizenship lies in the spirit of teamwork and camaraderie. Meet our inspiring panelists from around the world, and join the conversation by signing up below!

Global Citizenship Townhall

As an overarching concept, Global Citizenship promotes the idea that all humans are equal and, when working together across boundaries of place and identity, can solve the challenges we face in our interconnected world. In a concise form, Global Citizenship can be described as an ethic of care for the world and each other. Many challenges such as poverty, climate change, or systemic discrimination seem too overwhelming for individuals to make a difference. However, it is often the little things that create ripple effects that can bring significant progress. Taking a global mindset when dealing with problems allows for new perspectives and ideas on approaching a challenge.
But how do we translate Global Citizenship into practice? How do we ground this concept, so it is easily communicable and serves as a guide for action? How do we foster a culture of collaboration, mutual understanding, and a feeling of responsibility for our world? These are some of the questions we will explore with our panelists.

Global Citizenship Virtual Ideathon

In a 72-hour virtual Ideation marathon, participants from around the world will work together in interdisciplinary teams to develop creative, practical ideas for initiatives that contribute to solving pressing issues while promoting a global mindset.

Global Citizenship can be shortly described as care of the world and of each other. As an overarching concept Global Citizenship promotes the idea that all humans are equal and when working together across boundaries of place and identity we are able to solve the challenges we face in our interconnected world. But how do we do this in practice? Sign-up and find out!


Global Citizenship Virtual Ideathon

Don't miss out on this pristine opportunity of being part of a diverse, global team of participants, panelists, mentors, amateurs, and experts, all working round the clock in a hackathon-like environment to frame fresh, innovative, and comprehensive solution ideas that implement Global Citizenship in action and spirit! Hurry and register today!

Partners and Speakers

Meet our host of panelists, workshop presenters, partners, and speakers for the virtual Global Citizenship week! Coming Soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Virtual Global Citizenship Week?

The Global Citizenship Week is a 7-day long celebration of Global Citizenship comprising of TownHalls, Ideation Marathons, Panel discussions, intercultural showcases, and much more! It is a convention of global citizenship advocates, experts, practitioners, and passionate youth from around the world, and also the perfect opportunity to take your first step towards experiencing collaborations across boundaries first-hand!

How do I participate? 

The Global Citizenship Week is a melange of sessions and interactions. You can choose to participate in one or more sessions.  Register for each of them individually. For more information, refer to the Schedule for Global Citizenship Week above! 

When is the Global Citizenship Week 2021 scheduled for?

From the 17th to the 25th of April 2021. For a more detailed insight into the daily schedule and timeline, refer to the Schedule section. 

Why should I participate?

The Global Citizenship Week provides you a unique opportunity to be a part of a week-long convention where you stand to:

  1. Learn: Listen, discuss and get new paradigms on pressing local and global issues to prepare your mindset for a multidimensional approach
  2. Get exposure: Our speakers, presenters, mentors, and panelists, are Global Citizenship advocates, experts, and practitioners who have the key insights and understandings needed to forward Global Citizenship today
  3. Network: Expand your horizon as you interact, collaborate, and brainstorm with like-minded peers from around the world
  4. Showcase your skills and talents! 

What is the difference between internal and open sessions during the Global Citizenship Week?

Open sessions are open to all members of the community. Our aim is to engage with anyone keen on practicing Global Citizenship and seeing it in action! Anyone looking to take their first step towards becoming a Global Citizen, curious about how to effect change in their local sphere, a social impact leader, and/or anybody who is already a Global Citizenship practitioner is invited to participate in our open sessions!

Internal sessions are reserved for the members of the Melton Foundation. These involve discussions on internal organizational working, team building activities for our Melton Fellows from our different local hubs, and so on!

Do I need to pay any fee to participate?

There is no participation fee for any of the sessions scheduled. We firmly believe in increasing accessibility of resources to people from all socio-economic backgrounds, and stand for inclusivity, diversity, and equity. 

If you relate to our organization’s vision and mission and would like to lend a hand, you can support us by making a small donation at meltonfoundation.org/donate

How can I contribute to the week with my insights on Global Citizenship and personal experiences?

You can participate in multiple activities and engage with open platforms to share, showcase and put your knowledge into practice. Since the theme is “Putting Global Citizenship into Practice”, the week gives you a platform to learn, formulate and implement your ideas on the ground. We believe every individual has unique insights and skills to offer no matter how simple their ideas/actions are!

How can I join and engage with The Melton Foundation apart from the Global Citizenship Week?

You can engage with us through the following routes :

  1. Join the community: Apply for our Fellowships and become a Melton Fellow! Watch out for our recruitment cycles we initiate each year!
  2. Partner: We are always open to new partnerships and collaborations with diverse organizations. Our partnerships allow us to reach wider audiences and amplify our impact together! Join us today! 
  3. Get involved with us: Find multiple opportunities and entry points into the Melton Foundation, visit here to learn more.