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Samagra 2017: Innovate, Integrate, Collaborate

Derived from the Sanskrit language, Samagra means 'holistic convergence' or 'wholesome existence'. Join us on 4 & 5 November 2017 in Bangalore to experience 'samagra' at the interface of technology, sustainability and social innovation.

Samagra is a two-day conference that provides tools, resources and the impetus to Innovate, Integrate and Collaborate at the intersection of Technology, Sustainability and Social Innovation and to explore novel ways of tackling today’s global challenges – starting in Bangalore.

Taking place for the second time, Samagra 2017 is a platform for young change agents to gain a global perspective on pressing issues faced by local communities, to explore innovations and good practices in relevant fields, and to design novel approaches to addressing these issues through cross-boundaries collaborations. Through Springboard Sessions, hands-on workshops and other vibrant, inspirational, thought provoking activities, participants will soon find themselves ‘outside the box’.

Our goal: Help young people discover where their true passion lies, provide them with tools and pathways to take meaningful action, and encourage the conversion of disruptive ideas into tangible projects.

Our offer: Empower the student community in Bangalore to think outside the norm, gain intercultural awareness, grow their global citizenship quotient, learn to use offbeat mediums to foster social change, and come away with a tangible project to make a difference!

This is SAMAGRA 2017 for you!

When: 4-5 November 2017


BMS College of Engineering
, one of India’s premier institutes for education and innovation in the field of technology and a Melton Foundation partner university since 1992.


at the interface of technology, sustainability & social innovation.

Are you a college or university student – at BMS or elsewhere in Bangalore? Samagra 2017 is the place to be.

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There is a lot to look forward to at Samagra 2017!

Check out the program and see for yourself!

Top-nudge workshops offer unique insights into the converging fields of technology, sustainability and social innovation. Expand your knowledge and explore tools to Innovate, Integrate, Collaborate!

At Samagra 2017, you will have the opportunity two join two of the following workshops to unfold the complexity of pressing issues and exploring tools, methods, and approaches to tackle them hands-on.

Design Thinking for Positive Change (by Lisa Günther & Pooja Channaveerappa)

In this Design Thinking workshop, you will experience the essential mindset to “innovate, integrate, collaborate.” You will work in teams to incorporate human-centered and participatory design for a hands on challenge and in this process you will experience the power of collaborative innovation and learn the importance of gaining empathy, wildly ideating, prototyping, testing and iterating.

The Future of Work: Building meaningful and global career (by Abby TerHaar & Shehzia Lilani)

This workshop explores the changing paradigms of the 21st century workspace and what it means for the newer generations joining the workforce. We will also discuss personal branding, authentic networking, and share our experiences in finding a global career of meaning.

Sustainable Food Production (by Wen Xiaozhuo)

In this workshop, you will connect the emerging fields of Sustainable Agriculture, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and Food Sovereignty. After building a deeper understanding about the global relevancy of sustainable food production from technical, historical, and social perspectives, you will dive into the matter to explore creative and sustainable alternatives to ecological relationships management, farmer-consumer relations, and ways to facilitate sustainable food production.

Innovation for Marginal Communities (by Tito Magero)

Innovation around the world often focuses on uniqueness of places and Societies. A case in point is sub-Saharan Africa, where innovations are finding new ways of engaging with marginalized groups. In this workshop, you will explore diverse examples of these innovations to unfold techniques and approaches and thus generate greater visibility and interest in this space. Because between sub-Saharan Africa and India marginal communities continually offer uncharted opportunities for innovation, which deserve a closer look.

Green Economics 101: Transitioning to Sustainable Development (by Nickhil Sharma)

Carbon emissions are peaking, China and India are rising, wars are escalating, and health and education are improving. The challenges of sustainable development often come with tough questions with pairs of opposites. How do we answer these questions? What values define our (environmental) ethics? How do we use economic policies to ensure polluters pay, but people prosper? This is what this workshop is about: come think, debate, discuss, calculate, reflect, and think solution.

Speakers & Presenters

Our stellar speakers and presenters are pure inspiration. Meet the people who will share their stories, experiences and tricks of the trade over two inspirational days.

Register & Participate

Be part of a unique, vibrant, thought-provoking two-day experience and ignite your journey as change maker! Here is how ....

Are you a college or university student – at BMS or elsewhere in or around Bangalore? Samagra 2017 is the place to be this 4 – 5 November!

Registration Fees:  550,- INR
(Fees include the participation in all activities at the conference plus meals. Certificates of attendance are available upon request following the event.)


Registrations closed on 3 Nov 2017 at 10pm IST.

Supporters & Partners

Samagra 2017 is made even better, thanks to the following supporters and partners:


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The Organizers

Samagra 2017 is a collaboration between BMS College of Engineering and The Melton Foundation - here's a little more about our work.

The Melton Foundation and BMS College of Engineering have been partners for over two decades and worked towards in the pursuit of tackling global challenges through global citizenship. As a part of their efforts, BMS and the Melton Foundation are working together on organizing Samagra 2017 for the student community in Bangalore to explore the converging fields of technology, sustainability and social innovation through a global citizenship lens.