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All about the SIETAR Europa Congress

The SIETAR Europa 2022 Congress seeks to open the next chapter of Interculturalism. The Melton Foundation will be represented at the Congress by a dynamic and experienced group of trainers, our Senior Fellows! We now invite our wider network to join us at the Congress in Malta, either in-person or remotely, to re-invent the future with new ideas and re-focused urgencies, under the leadership of SIETAR Europa.

The Melton Foundation has had numerous encounters with SIETAR (Society of Intercultural Education, Training and Research) in the past decade or two, and SIETAR Europa’s next global Congress seems like the perfect rendezvous for our network to reconvene – both in-person and online!

Special Advisory for Melton Fellows! 

The SIETAR conference is a unique opportunity for our fellows to develop global competencies and to meet again. The conference will take place at the University of Malta from 19 – 21 May 2022. The arrival day for Melton Foundation attendees is May 16th, 2022 and the departure day is May 22nd, 2022. We will organize team-building workshops before and a day of debriefing after the conference. To apply you need to be able to commit to being available for the entire duration.

Joined by 300 interculturalists from around the world, the Melton Foundation delegation at the SIETAR Europa 2022 Congress will unpack new pathways to rediscovering intercultural collaboration! 

Join us at the Congress!

Opportunity for interculturalists in our community! 

The global pandemic has amplified and clarified many of these systemic issues that were more easily ignored before; it has shown the incredible potential of what humans can achieve when they work together across and beyond boundaries – it has also shown how we fail when we don’t. Faced with these awesome challenges, the question arises whether interculturalism has failed? Has it fulfilled its promise? Has it even promised the right things? Or, to put it bluntly, does interculturalism need to be replaced, reformed, or reshaped to match the challenges this world faces? Let’s gather at SIETAR Europa Congress to assess! 

The SIETAR Europa Congress 2022 with the theme Re-Thinking Interculturalism will take place in Malta at the Valletta Campus of the University of Malta from 18 – 21 May. Please check the timeline below for the full program for Melton community members.

The program will combine more than 100 in-person and online sessions, workshops, and presentations in the topical clusters of Re-Search, Re-Tool, Resilience and Re-volution. The Congress also includes inspiring Keynote and Endnote speeches, a Film Festival, the Annual SIETAR Europa General Assembly, and social gatherings (COVID rules permitting).

  • Topic: Re-Thinking Interculturalism
  • Dates of the Congress: 18 – 21 May 2022
  • Venue: Malta (the conference will be designed for in-person/hybrid and online participation – travel is not required to engage)
  • Goal: The SIETAR Europa 2022 Congress wants to open the next chapter of Interculturalism by bringing together the intercultural field to take a critical look at itself, at its legacy, and (re)-imagine a future worth working towards.
  • Congress Program Schedule: Available here

We invite the larger Melton community to apply to join us at the Congress, and explore interculturalism together!

Re-Thinking Interculturalism

Learn about the main theme and guiding principles of the Congress!

The guiding questions for the program are:

  • How does interculturalism intersect with social, racial, environmental, historic, and economic justice?

  • What do we need to know, acknowledge, investigate or celebrate in order to ensure continued vitality, relevance, and sustainability of the intercultural field?

  • What kind of abilities are needed in order to foster inclusion, social transformation, and genuine dialogue, connection, and co-creation in thriving communities?

Find out more at the SIETAR Europa website here

Application to SIETAR Europa Congress 2022

Here's the invitation to interculturalists from our community! Especially since our network has been unable to meet in person since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we encourage our Fellows to strongly consider attending in-person to reconnect with the Melton Foundation.

Please be advised to consider travel regulations and health and safety guidelines in your country before applying to join us in Malta! Application is mandatory to participate in this Melton Opportunity.

Meet the SIETAR Trainers - Our Ambassadors at the Congress 2022

Our team of Senior Fellows will be facilitating the "Making space for interculturalism beyond business-as-usual" session at the Congress. Meet our team of interculturalism experts, who aim to “Re-Tool” and "Revolutionize" methods and approaches to unpack deeper motivations and challenges in the global interculturalism sphere!

By creating an authentic and inclusive space for participants and facilitators, our team of trainers will deploy a canvas of methods including backcasting, fishbowl conversations, and others, to unpack both personal and collective human needs through critical intercultural lenses.

Travel Advisory to in-person Attendees

All attendees need to comply with the sanitation and health guidelines and rules from Malta's health authorities.

Please refer to the health guidelines given here before you apply.

– The Melton Foundation cannot provide refunds, or be held liable for any costs incurred, due to any possible effects of a Coronavirus infection. While we provide insurance for a possible quarantine hotel in Malta, any other costs that may occur related to a personal infection will not be covered by the Melton Foundation.
– All grantees must have international health insurance.
– A positively evaluated grant application may still mean that participation and hence travel may not be possible due to limited spaces of participants offered by the conference organizers
– All grantees agree to participate actively during the whole conference, the pre-program as well as the de-briefing. Grantees also agree to create content during or after the conferences to be shared within the Melton Foundation and beyond!

In the event you cannot apply to attend in-person, we encourage you to apply to attend the Congress online! Please remember to fill out the application form here