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The Global Solvers Co-Lab in the light of COVID-19

In light of the staggering developments concerning the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and its rapidly-spreading pandemic nature, we have been monitoring the situation closely for the past weeks. COVID-19 has spread to more than 150 countries across the globe, currently affecting communities at an exponential rate.

As Co-Lab organizers, we are taking this seriously and we, together, must do our share to help flatten the curve and slow down the spread of the virus. The best way to do so is to call for collective physical distancing and social solidarity with our local and global communities.

The Global Solvers Co-Lab 2020 (originally planned for 7-12 June 2020 in Germany) now stands officially postponed.

The Melton Foundation and Ernst-Abbe-Stiftung, along with our network of Co-Lab partners, remain committed to the Co-Lab ideals and our focus. The work on SDGs 13-5-3, namely Climate Action, Gender Equality, and Good Health and Wellbeing will continue ahead steadfastly.

We shall confirm the revised timelines 3 months prior to the event to allow sufficient time for preparation and arrangements. We would like to emphasize that Health & Safety is one of our primary concerns and, as Global Citizens and SDG practitioners, we have the duty to lead by example and help contain the spread of the virus especially given the recent spike of infections across the globe. Please keep yourself and your community safe, and updated with useful advice from the World Health Organization at www.who.int.

Unlocking Sustainable Development

Launched in 2018, the Global Solvers Co-Lab convenes emerging leaders from across sectors and geographies to learn, collaborate, and co-create meaningful solutions to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on a local level with the global context in mind.

Transforming Our World with the Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations’ Agenda 2030 along with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) present a comprehensive plan for Sustainable Development on the planet, particularly emphasizing the need for collaborations across sectors and stakeholders.

With the Global Solvers Co-Lab, we’ve set out to use this power of collaboration as a guiding principle to catalyze collective action. “Co-Lab” stands for a collaborative laboratory where novel ideas, skills, and approaches emerge through action. A collaborative space that converges young leaders from across identities, cultures, sectors, scientific backgrounds and professions; the Co-Lab aims to advance the realization of SDGs across the street, and the globe.

Greater than the sum of its parts 

About the Global Solvers Co-Lab 2020

After a vastly successful CoLab 2018, the Melton Foundation and the Ernst-Abbe-Stiftung are yet again calling SDG advocates and practitioners from across the globe to bring their know-how, passion, and curiosity to the Global Solvers Co-Lab 2020. And this time, we’re going deeper! 

Building on decades of experience in Global Citizenship collaboration, the Melton Foundation together with Ernst-Abbe-Stiftung is launching the second iteration of the Global Solvers Co-Lab. The Co-Lab provides a platform for up to 20 young SDG practitioners to join hands, hearts, and minds to forge actionable pathways towards advancing sustainable development at scale.

Founded on a collaboration framework that embraces diversity, aspires equitable as well as sustainable solutions, and nourishes cross-boundary collaborations, the Co-Lab 2020 brings together emerging SDG champions to learn and build solutions to local and global issues concerning: 

We are calling this triage of goals “13-5-3 UN-limited”.

What to expect from the Global Solvers Co-Lab?

At the Co-Lab, 'it’s not just talk'. We expect to roll up our sleeves and get to work as we unpack global issues and work together on approaches to tackle them. As a participant, you’ll be a co-driver of the activities - expect to engage in intensive collaboration at the Co-Lab 2020.

Here’s the brilliance of collaboration that will transpire at the CoLab 2020…

  1. Work with emerging leaders from diverse backgrounds
  2. Continued engagement with change agents
  3. Converge contemporary practices with historical research
  4. Seek guidance from global experts
  5. Participate in an SDG Bootcamp

By tapping into collective capacity, the Co-Lab drives insight and inspiration to hone skills and catalyze solutions with sustained impact on SDGs 13, 5, and 3 – all in six days.

You can be one of the 20 Global Solvers from around the world to participate in a life-changing experience!

Supporters & Partners

The Global Solvers Co-Lab: 13-5-3 UN-limited is made even better, thanks to the incredible support of the following supporters and partners: