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Collaborate, Innovate, Thrive: India GCC 2024

The #IndiaGCC2024 is our annual convention committed to inspiring Melton Fellows and community members to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and embrace true Global Citizenship.

At this year’s convention, we’re exploring focused themes, honing vital skills, and tackling challenges that impact our world. Through hands-on activities, interactive local project visits, and the dynamic Global Citizenship Festival open to everyone, we’re connecting local communities in Bengaluru with Melton Fellows and community members globally. This convergence of insights, cultures, and ideas drives concrete actions for a better future.

Official Partner and Host for the #IndiaGCC2023BMS College of Engineering

As a prestigious institution in the vibrant city of Bengaluru, BMS College of Engineering is a private engineering college established in 1946. Renowned for its academic excellence, BMSCE is located in the heart of Karnataka, India.

Come together with Melton Fellows, local partners, and pioneers in social impact to amplify our collective potential and establish the groundwork for meaningful change, both locally and globally. Together, we’re not just envisioning a brighter future – we’re actively constructing it.

Goals of the Global Citizenship Convention 2024

Melton Fellows and partners, save the date for a transformative week that will broaden your horizons, ignite your passion, and connect you with our vibrant network. Join us in celebrating our shared purpose, the strength of collaboration, and the excitement of building a world where Global Citizenship and the UN Sustainable Development Goals become the reality we are shaping together.

We invite you to embark on a journey that resonates with the four pillars of our Global Citizenship Impact Model: Understanding of Self, Making Sense of the World, Collaborations across Boundaries, and Enabling and Driving Change.

Hosted by BMS College of Engineering, a premier institution in Bengaluru known for its excellence in higher education, this Global Citizenship Convention focuses on several key goals.

Developing Global Citizens: Our main goal is to transform participants into skilled global citizens and ambassadors of Global Citizenship, guided by the innovative Global Citizenship Impact Model.

Understanding Local Impact: By engaging directly with local initiatives addressing global issues at our host institution and in nearby communities, participants will gain firsthand insight into the extensive impacts of these challenges and actions.

Enhancing Global Competence: We are committed to improving participants’ abilities to navigate diverse cultures and understand global dynamics through immersive experiential learning opportunities.

Strengthening Community Bonds: This event aims to reconnect and fortify the Melton Fellows community, fostering deeper relationships and collective empowerment.

Bengaluru: Innovation, Diversity, and Heritage

Bengaluru, located in the heart of Karnataka, India, is one of our most treasured Melton Foundation Hub regions. As a bustling center of innovation and multicultural exchange, Bengaluru boasts a rich history and is surrounded by lush gardens, tech parks, and historic landmarks. Bengaluru is the perfect epicenter for discussions on cultural diversity, technological advancements, and the ongoing efforts toward sustainable development in global communities.

In 2018, the Melton Foundation expanded its global network by welcoming the Bangalore hub into the family. BMS College of Engineering (BMSCE) in Bengaluru, India, joined the foundation, marking a significant milestone as the first partner institution in India. This partnership was initiated during the Global Citizenship Symposium, strengthening our mission of fostering global citizenship and intercultural dialogue.

As a pioneering center for the Melton Foundation’s Global Citizenship University Course, BMSCE offers students from all disciplines the opportunity to develop global competencies. Following a successful initial offering, BMSCE has now integrated the Global Citizenship Elective into its permanent curriculum.

Additionally, Bengaluru has become a focal point for the ‘Ecosystem of Civil Society Organizations’, a local coalition of non-profits and civil society groups dedicated to addressing regional and global challenges.

Here are some other things we love about Bengaluru, and we’re sure you will too!

  • Civil Society Leadership: Bengaluru hosts a dynamic coalition of civil society organizations, collectively addressing regional and global challenges with impactful initiatives.
  • Cultural Fusion: As a vibrant cultural nexus, Bengaluru facilitates rich intercultural exchanges, blending diverse traditions and perspectives into a cohesive community fabric.
  • Tech Hub: Renowned as the Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru drives global tech innovation, offering a fertile ground for cutting-edge developments and entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • Historical Charm: Bengaluru’s heritage intricately weaves into its modern identity, offering a compelling mix of historical landmarks amidst contemporary progress.
  • Sustainability Hub: Leading sustainable initiatives, Bengaluru champions eco-conscious practices, actively contributing to global sustainability dialogues and solutions.

Melton Fellows, join us at #IndiaGCC2024 in Bengaluru, India, and collaborate to shape a future driven by connection, innovation, and global impact!

GCC Projects: Getting hands-on in the local community!

During our project visits, Melton Fellows will immerse themselves in Bengaluru's vibrant culture and collaborative initiatives. By partnering with local organizations, participants will co-create and execute activities that showcase Bengaluru's diverse customs and programs at the GCC. This hands-on experience will empower Fellows to integrate global insights into local contexts, fostering connections that bridge global and community-based initiatives.






#IndiaGCC2024: Our Partners

Our local partners in Bengaluru are pivotal in driving impactful grassroots initiatives and amplifying their reach. Their deep understanding of local needs and cultural nuances makes them essential catalysts for change, embodying the ethos of 'Thinking globally, and Acting locally'. These partners play a crucial role in co-creating a transformative GCC experience, leveraging their expertise to forge meaningful connections and sustainable outcomes in the community.

Senior Melton Fellow Experts and Mentors

The #IndiaGCC2024 is a testament to co-creation: Our network of Senior Fellows, Executive Office, local partners, and the organizing team at BMS College of Engineering (BMSCE) Bengaluru, bring you an exceptional experience! Here are our esteemed Senior Melton Fellow Experts and Mentors who contribute their expertise and passion to enriching the GCC experience.

Throwback: India GCC 2019

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