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Connect, Empower, Transform: Chile GCC 2023

The #ChileGCC2023 is our annual in-person Convention designed to propel Melton Fellows and community members toward a future of advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and true Global Citizenship.

At this year’s convention, we’re delving into targeted themes, mastering essential skills, and embracing challenges that shape our world. Through immersive activities, engaging local Project Visits, and the vibrant Global Citizenship Festival open to all, we’re bridging the gap between local communities in Temuco and Melton Fellows and community members worldwide. It’s a fusion of insights, cultures, and ideas that leads to tangible actions for a brighter tomorrow.

Official Partner and Host for the #ChileGCC2023Universidad de La Frontera 

As a renowned university of South Chile situated in the heart of La Araucanía Región, Universidad de La Frontera is a public university founded in 1981 in Temuco, Chile.

Meet Melton Fellows, local partners, and social impact trailblazers as we amplify each other’s potential and lay the foundation for real change at both local and global scales. Together, we’re not just dreaming of a better world – we’re actively building it.

Goals of the Global Citizenship Convention 2023

Melton Fellows and partners, mark your calendars for the week that will redefine your perspective, empower your passion, and connect you with our diverse network. Let's celebrate the unity of purpose, the power of collaboration, and the joy of creating a world where Global Citizenship and the UN Sustainable Development Goals are more than ideals – they're the reality we're crafting together.

We invite you to embark on a journey that resonates with the four pillars of our Global Citizenship Impact Model: Understanding of Self, Making Sense of the World, Collaborations across Boundaries, and Enabling and Driving Change.

Hosted by Universidad de La Frontera, (a public and state institution of higher education, among the best in Chile, located in Temuco, Araucania Region), this Global Citizenship Convention is modeled around some important goals.

Nurturing Global Citizens: Our primary aim is to nurture participants as adept global citizens and ambassadors of Global Citizenship, guided by the innovative Global Citizenship Impact Model we propose.

Contextualizing Impact: Through direct involvement in local initiatives related to global issues at our host university, and its neighboring communities, participants will gain a firsthand understanding of the far-reaching impacts of challenges and actions.

Cultivating Global Skills: We’re dedicated to cultivating participants’ ability to navigate diverse cultures and comprehend global dynamics by immersing them in experiential learning opportunities.

Building Melton Foundation Community: This event serves as a platform for reconnection and reinforcement of the Melton Fellows community, fostering deeper relationships and collective empowerment.

Temuco: Culture, connection and conservation

Temuco, situated in Chile's La Araucanía region, is one of our most cherished Melton Foundation Hub regions. As a vibrant hub of intercultural interaction among communities in southern Chile, Temuco has a powerful history and is surrounded by pristine forests, mountains, and lakes. Temuco is the ideal epicenter for dialogues encompassing cultural fusion, environmental preservation, and the ongoing pursuits for sustainable well-being across global communities.

It was the year 1994 when the Melton Foundation welcomed our Temuco hub into the family. Universidad de La Frontera, based in Temuco, Chile, joined during the third Global Citizenship Symposium of the Melton Foundation, turning into the first institution in South America to become a collaborator of the Foundation and one of our strongest partnerships to date.

UFRO Temuco is also the pioneering center of the Melton Foundation’s Global Citizenship University Course, where students from all specialties enroll to develop global competencies. After a successful first iteration, UFRO Temuco has now decided to make the Global Citizenship Elective a permanent offer to its students.

Further, Temuco has been our playground to build the ‘Ecosystem of Civil Society  Organizations’, a local coalition of civil society and non-profit organizations in the Araucanía region.

Here are some other things we love about Temuco, and we’re sure you will too!

  • Cultural Nexus: Serving as a melting pot of diverse cultures, Temuco stands as a crossroads for vibrant intercultural exchanges, fostering a unique tapestry of traditions and perspectives.
  • Natural Abundance: Set against a backdrop of awe-inspiring landscapes, Temuco offers an abundance of natural wonders, including forests, mountains, and ecologically significant conservation areas.
  • Historical Significance: With a rich historical narrative, Temuco’s past intertwines with its modern identity, making it an intriguing place where heritage and progress co-exist.
  • Sustainability Hub: Temuco’s commitment to sustainable practices and its engagement with pressing environmental challenges establish it as a vital hub for discussions on global sustainability and lasting eco-conscious solutions.

Melton Fellows, join us at the #ChileGCC2023 in Temuco, Chile, and let’s shape the future, one meaningful connection and innovative action at a time!

#ChileGCC2023: Key Highlights

GCC Welcome: October 23rd, 2023

Step into the embrace of creativity at the Pabellón de La Araucanía, an architectural marvel in Temuco! As the curtain rises on our Welcome Session, Fellows and participants will gather here to embark on a day of camaraderie, setting the stage for the enriching week ahead. Amidst the splendor of Chilean culture, attendees will delve into artistry, relish delectable cuisine, and partake in delightful outdoor escapades.

Inauguration Launch Event: October 24th, 2023

Witness the grand commencement of the Global Citizenship Convention 2023 on October 24th at the Universidad de La Frontera. Experience a morning of cultural exchange and artistic marvels from Magia Chilena, the folk dance troupe of Universidad de La Frontera, and special performances from Melton Fellows! The 'Inauguration Launch Event' will unpack our vision for the GCC 2023!

'Connect for Action' Global Citizenship Festival: October 24th, 2023

Uniting young leaders from both UFRO Temuco and the Melton Foundation, this expo will spark dynamic conversations, learning exchanges, and collaborations that ignite powerful interventions. With impact showcases on upto 20 stands, participants can gain insights into SDGs, connect with local student groups, and witness captivating showcases by Melton Fellows and students from UFRO.

Visiting Campus UFRO Pucón: October 25th, 2023

Step into the world of Campus Pucón, the UFRO Hub nestled by the breathtaking Villarrica lake. Positioned near the majestic mountain range, Pucón unveils the captivating allure of South Chile's lush forests and towering peaks. Immerse yourself in its cultural heritage and innovative learning ventures, and unveil a treasure trove of insights from our new destination!

GCC Projects: October 26th-27th 2023

Over two transformative days, Melton Fellows will seamlessly integrate into Temuco's local projects and initiatives, actively contributing to the collective aspiration of fostering a stronger society. From safeguarding the environment to enhancing educational quality and enabling university accessibility for local students, Fellows will immerse themselves in the diverse facets of Temuco's realities and challenges.

GCC Projects: Getting hands-on in the local community!

During our project visits, Melton Fellows will gain insight into Chilean culture, customs, and programs by joining forces with local project partners to organize, engage in, and execute activities together at the GCC. Our participants will carry this knowledge back to their own communities to bridge the gap between global and local initiatives.

#ChileGCC2023: Our Partners

Our local partner organizations in Chile are playing a pivotal role in building and amplifying impact initiatives at the grassroots level. Their knowledge and expertise of local needs and culture makes them invaluable agents of change who 'Think globally, and Act locally'! Here are our partners on the ground in Chile, who are helping us co-create a transformative GCC!

Senior Melton Fellow Trainers

The #ChileGCC2023 is a result of co-creation: Our network of Senior Fellows and Executive Office, along with local partners and the organizing team at UFRO Temuco, bring to you a stellar experience! Here are our cherished Senior Melton Fellow Trainers .

Throwback: Chile GCC 2016

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