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Engage in collaborative action in Chile - Global Citizenship Conference 2020 Announcement

After 28 years of unprecedented success in connecting global citizenship practitioners from across the globe, this year, we are thrilled to be hosting a week of learning, action, and impact in Temuco, Chile!








The Global Citizenship Conference (GCC) is a new and novel way for Global Citizens, SDG practitioners, sustainable development advocates, experts, and any one else interested in shared solutions to come together from all over the world, to collaborate across boundaries of place and culture to address global issues. In 2020, we are convening to host and participate in a week-long series of intensive collaboration vis-a-vis workshops, hands-on projects, local site visits, intercultural exchange, glocal collaborations and more!

What is the theme of the #ChileGCC2020?

Over the last year, Chile has seen revolutionary citizen uprising with a call for equal and fair rights, economic stability, equality in representation, and for strong institutions to be put in place for sustainable development. With citizens around the globe now unafraid to demand a better quality of life from their leaders, we are looking forward to engaging in and collaborating around the following United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals while at the grassroots of change, during the GCC in Chile.

More information about the upcoming Chile GCC 2020 will become available soon. Stay Tuned and watch this space for more! 

Curious to see the impact of previous GCCs? In 2019, we transported Global Citizenship to the magnificent land of diversity and culture – India! Catch our week-long rendezvous below, and join our journey in 2020 here!

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