Springboard Sessions

At Springboard Sessions, ideas fuse, experiences converge, and perceptions transform!

A carefully curated platform for and by young innovators, Springboard Sessions feature stories of transformation that inspire new realms of possibility. Incredible leaders in sustainable, technological and social innovations share their journey as a global problem-solver and engage in honest, real conversations.

Springboard Sessions conclude with a Networking Hour for speakers, participants and changemakers from all over the world to connect, deliberate and ‘springboard’ collaborative ideas for action. And while you’re there, grab some delicious food and visit our #IndiaGCC2019 Expo for more food for thought, inspiration and novel approaches to building a sustainable, technologically advanced and harmonious tomorrow.

Spring Back to the Past!

Since 2014, the Melton Foundation has hosted Springboard Sessions across the world.

Here are some of the amazing sessions we have had in past conferences: From talks on sustainability and creating sustainable environments, to understanding and measuring impact, all the way to conversations about global rights – our Springboard veterans are here to help you prep for this year’s GCC!

Hands-on Workshops

At the #IndiaGCC2019, participants can choose to attend one of four amazing workshops happening in parallel.

The workshops follow an “Interactivity” model and a “hands-on” approach at their core, are in close association with the United Nations SDGs, and open doors for participants to engage with incredible social impact organizations as they explore specific challenges in technology, sustainability and social innovation first-hand.

Cultural Evening

Cultural diversity is collective strength that can benefit all of humanity.

More often than not, our cultural differences overshadow what unites us, and at the #IndiaGCC2019, we persevere to remedy that. Participants will witness joy, magic, empathy and human connections as we set out to unveil cultural performances from different countries and communities.

With a host of performances by local and international participants, the evening will see a host of different cultures coming together to celebrate and learn from one another.

#IndiaGCC2019 Open Day At One Glance

Keep up-to-date with our sessions and workshops and catch all the action!

Whether you're a student, a (young) profesional, or an activist: we've got you covered! Get your #IndiaGCC2019 Pass and be part of a transformational experience this 25th of September at B.M.S College of Engineering in Bangalore, India!