Act of Global Citizenship Pass

The Melton Foundation stands by the ideals of Global Citizenship and works to engage organizations and individuals to practice it in tangible ways. So, this year at the #IndiaGCC2019, we have introduced a way for you to earn your own pass by performing an Act of Global Citizenship in your local community - if you do perform an Act, your entire pass for the conference 'Open Day' will be sponsored by us!

What is an Act of Global Citizenship?

It’s simple: an action that is taken locally, on an issue that has global relevance, with that global context in mind. Acts of Global Citizenship can vary in scope, impact, timeframe, and effort. What unites them is the belief that “small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world”!


#100Acts unites individuals around the world to take actions to make a small but meaningful difference on an issue their communities are facing. Here is a showcase of some Acts of Global Citizenship that changemakers around the world have accomplished – on a small, doable scale.

Earn Your Free Pass To The #IndiaGCC2019 By Submitting Your Act Of Global Citizenship

To earn your free pass, there are some simple criteria your Act of Global Citizenship has to meet.
Since we only have a limited number of free passes, please ensure to read through the rules and regulations carefully!

1. It has to be an individual act, which can be done as a part of an organization but it has to be an individual entry.

2. Applicants must complete specified questions, upload up to three pictures and submit the answers.

3. The Act of Global Citizenship must be posted on any of the 4 social media platforms Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook).

4. Make sure to tag The Melton Foundation in your posts and use the three hashtags:( #IndiaGCC2019, #100Acts, #SDGAction). We will then repost the content by tagging the submission.

5. We will verify all of the content and post verification, an email will be sent with the status of acceptance. The confirmation mail must be produced at the registration desk on the open day to obtain the passes.

6. The Act of Global Citizenship passes are exclusively for the students of our partner institution in Bangalore - BMSCE, BMSIT, BMS Women’s College and BMS College of Architecture.

7. The Act of Global Citizenship has to be under the umbrella of the sustainable development goals of the UN, that are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

Our focus areas are Sustainability, Equity and Diversity.

Ready to earn your free pass?

On the basis of your Act of Global Citizenship, we will confirm your attendance at the conference and get back to you within 15 days of submission, with an update on your entry.