An Open Day for Global Citizenship!

Here's what made the Global Citizenship Conference 2019 extra special:
300 Practitioners, 25+ Collaborators, and a tireless crew, all of who came together on 25 September 2019 to celebrate a first-of-its-kind Open Day for Global Citizenship, with inspiring Springboard Sessions, lively panel discussions, five hands-on workshops, ten companies at the Social Innovation Expo, an intercultural evening, and ample networking opportunity over lunch and dinner!

Springboard Sessions

Springboard Sessions, an interactive event designed to let the audience comprehend stories of global changemakers and emulate them in their own journeys of self-discovery and contribution to society.

Ashish Srivastava from CSTEP, a Bangalore-based technology and policy think tank, wowed audiences with his ‘people first, technology last’ approach sought to reverse the paradigm adopted by policymakers when driving sustained social impact projects.

Vivek Srinivasan, our second Springboard Speaker, is the founder of the Startups Club. Initially conceived as an NGO, Vivek realized the intrinsic value of data and channeled it to turn Startups Club into a financially sustainable endeavor. Today, Startups Club is a leading platform for early stage startups in India and continues to guide enthusiastic startup founders along their impact journey.

The third speaker was Sandhya Sarah Jose from IDEX Accelerator. Connecting with the audience by narrating her own tale of confusion, exploration, and discovery of her career path, Sandhya talked about creating a new talent economy of ‘intrapreneurs’. She is a practicing intrapreneur herself,  and a strategist and program manager.

Up next on the dais was Vladimir Fomene – a Senior Fellow of the Melton Foundation. A Global Citizen of many achievements, Vladimir is the co-founder of HealthStack and is currently researching in Centre Pasteur Cameroon. He has successfully developed an innovative approach to malaria diagnosis with the aid of Artificial Intelligence.

Kasha Sequoia Slavner, founder of The Global Sunrise Project (a media hub for inspired storytelling about the global community), spoke to the audience through a compelling video presentation. Kasha is a documentary filmmaker who uses her passion for visual storytelling to create media that inspires people to make positive change.


Launched in 2013, Springboard Sessions are a stimulus for novel thinking and collaborative action for global citizens. Watch a collection of 25+ transformative talks by inspirational leaders on our YouTube channel here.

Intercultural Evening

An evening celebrating intercultural melange, displaying the essence of the truly global spirit of the Melton Foundation!

"The cultural capsulas and cultural presentations always feel valuable as they do not only represent part of the cultures we are sharing with, but they also represent what other Fellows want us to learn or enjoy about them. It feels like a gift: They are always prepared and organized with love and dedication, and being part of them or watching them, leaves me always feeling blessed."

Speakers and Presenters

The Melton Foundation is proud to present our esteemed speakers from the #IndiaGCC2019 'Open Day' - passionate and dedicated leaders in Technology, Sustainability, and Social Innovation! Get to know them now, and let us empower ideas and broaden our perspectives together this 25th of September!