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About the Conference

Leveraging Global Citizenship at the interface of Technology, Sustainability and Social Innovation

The future needs passionate, intelligent and confident young leaders willing to challenge the status quo and reach out for a better tomorrow. The 28th annual Global Citizenship Conference will tap into the collective intelligence of young change makers from around the world, as we delve into the intersection of Sustainability, Technology, and Social Innovation.

We are gearing up to showcase, explore and ideate new sustainable, technological and social innovations, always with an eye on what global perspectives can add to local solutions. And what better place to celebrate intercultural melange, discuss and deliberate on socio-technical challenges, than the multicultural, diverse and the new age silicon valley of India, Bangalore!

The focus of the conference will lay in close correlation to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a set of universal goals that address today’s urgent environmental, political and economic challenges and aim to sustainably improve the lives and future prospects of all people sharing this planet.

As they endearingly say in the culturally abundant and warm streets of India, Namaste and welcome to the #IndiaGCC2019!

Join us for this year's Global Citizenship Conference in Bangalore, Karnataka, India!

GCC Highlights

GCC Program

Interested in joining us on ground for the #IndiaGCC2019? Curious to get a sneak peek into the activities we have planned? Check out the program and see for yourself!

Designed as an experiential learning ground, the GCC provides extensive access to practitioners and experts in the fields of technology, sustainability, and social innovation. Come along as we explore and leverage technology, sustainability, and social innovation to spark novel initiatives by crossing conceptual borders.

The schedule below has an overview of the day to day activities at the GCC! For more detailed information on the GCC – ranging from how to survive and thrive in the vibrant city of Bangalore, to exciting events and sustainability measures at this year’s conference, get your copy of the India GCC 2019 booklet here!

Participate and Connect

Get on-board with the #IndiaGCC2019 and to join our journey towards finding solutions to pressing global issues!

What we offer:

The Global Citizenship Conference sets a stage to learn from and network with the best and the brightest minds the Melton Foundation and its partners can offer. With our international pool of participants pouring in from different parts of the world such as Temuco (Chile), Hangzhou (China), Jena (Germany), Berekuso (Ghana), Bangalore (India) and New Orleans (USA), the GCC is an effective platform for you to showcase your work, and your organization in areas connected to our theme, or simply come as a participant and expand your learning pool significantly.

The 25th of September, 2019 is an opportune day of the conference with Springboard sessions, networking opportunities, workshops and more! Click here for more and to register!

Who you will meet:

The GCC is a prime opportunity for actors from all sectors (enterprises, state, non-profits) to join forces. The conference will be attended by Melton Fellows who bring to the table not only their diverse socio-economic backgrounds and cultures, but also a wide spectrum of ideas and perspectives. Also present will be a myriad of our partners, young emerging leaders in technology and social innovation from around Bangalore, and a fresh pool of relevant and talented audiences. Here’s a who’s who of our attendees, partners and speakers!

  • Registered conference guests and members of the local community
  • Fellows of the Melton Foundation
  • Partners and Collaborators

Are you inclined towards solving global problems of today? Are you looking for the right exposure, connections and learning? Are you feeling ready to present your expertise to a global audience? Our GCC Promo Kit has the right set of materials for you. To engage, collaborate and help spread the word, download the ‘GCC Promo Kit’ here

What to expect:

The GCC is a week-long series of innovative, technological and intercultural events. We have curated hands-on workshops, springboard sessions, networking opportunities and an ‘intercultural-showcase evening’ with diverse international cultural performances. GCC participants are sure to take away inspiration for novel projects to work on upon their return to their community.

Join us on the 25th September, 2019 for an opportune day of learning and hands-on experiences. Our ‘open-day’ is the perfect platform for participation, and we have limited slots! To become part of a truly transformative experience, register here!

The Conference 'Open-Day' is an opportunity for members of the community, and YOU, to join!

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Have questions about the Conference?

We've got you covered! Read our 'Frequently asked questions and answers' to get better insight into all the happenings at the #IndiaGCC2019!