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About the Conference

Leveraging Global Citizenship at the interface of Technology, Sustainability and Social Innovation

The future needs passionate, intelligent and confident young leaders willing to challenge the status quo and reach out for a better tomorrow. Our 28th annual Global Citizenship Conference tapped into the collective intelligence of young change makers from around the world, at the intersection of Sustainability, Technology, and Social Innovation.

The focus of the conference lay in close correlation to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a set of universal goals that address today’s urgent environmental, political and economic challenges and aim to sustainably improve the lives and future prospects of all people sharing this planet. At the week-long conference, The Melton Foundation and its partners uncovered new sustainable, technological and social innovations, always with an eye on what global perspectives can add to local solutions.

The GCC might have come to an end, but our learnings are fresh as ever! As they endearingly say in the culturally abundant and warm streets of India, Namaste and welcome to the relay of the #IndiaGCC2019! Watch the highlights below!

An Open Day for Global Citizenship in India!

300 Practitioners, 25+ Collaborators, Springboard Sessions, Intercultural Performances and more!

Rediscover the GCC 'Open Day' here!

A Civic Dinner around Sustainable Action

At the India GCC 2019, the Melton Foundation partnered with Civic Dinners, a community engagement platform bringing together individuals from different backgrounds onto one Dinner Table. We organized our first Networking Dinner – A Civic Dinner around Sustainable Action, where we broke bread to make an impact!

Find impactful conversation over food here!

The journey continues on social media with #IndiaGCC2019!