#GhanaGCC2017 Round Table

"Collaborative Leadership Across Boundaries to Drive Change in Society"

Join the Melton Foundation and Oxfam Ghana as we convene change agents from diverse sectors and industries to help us understand more about this important topic.

With globalized movements of know-how, culture, and products around the world peaking in the 21st century, it’s safe to say that we have finally arrived in the era of global connection and interdependence. Countless tools exist to facilitate this exchange. But while the world is moving together, it seems that important factors are yet to be put into place that would help individuals and organizations work together as global citizens to tackle the big issues of our time.

The call for a paradigm shift and a new kind of leadership is becoming louder. A leadership that embraces diversity and nourishes collaborations beyond boundaries of religion, race or geography. A leadership that forges equitable, sustainable solutions on local and global levels.

Unpacking tools that drive change in society at the #GhanaGCC2017 Round Table

We are convening members from the local and global NGO, political, educational, and business communities to unpack tools that facilitate collaborative leadership across boundaries to drive change in society. Joined by practical experts from exemplary organizations, the #GhanaGCC2017 Round Table provides a platform to

  1. openly discuss and share approaches, good practices and lessons learned
  2. explore how collaborative leadership can enable change in society
  3. identify important components for societal change, and
  4. generate practical approaches to promote their implementation across sectors and industries.

Welcome to the #GhanaGCC2017 Round Table!

When: 14 August 2017, from 1.30 – 7pm
Where: Ashesi University College, one of Africa’s finest liberal arts colleges and a Melton Foundation partner university since 2014
Topic: Collaborative Leadership Across Boundaries to Drive Change in Society


Four practical experts from exemplary organizations will share their experience and some tricks of the trade. Meet our Round Table panelists!

About the Organizers

The #GhanaGCC2017 Round Table is co-hosted by Oxfam Ghana and The Melton Foundation - here's a little more about our work.

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