Designed to help participants connect to the thematic and socio-cultural context of the conference, Pre-GCC-activities open spaces online and in-person - e.g. at Melton Foundation partner universities - to discuss, reflect and exchange expectations, and knowledge, as well as prejudices and fears.

More than just an event, the GCC is embedded in an experiential learning journey that we will embark on starting mid-May with Pre-GCC Activities. Following the conference in Ghana, we continue to support and mentor participants as they implement projects designed during the GCC and a myriad of #100Acts of Global Citizenship.

May the journey begin…

Online Activities

The online component of this year's Pre-GCC-Activities primarily focus on two aspects: building critical awareness about the African context and flexing our Global Citizenship muscle in order to stimulate fresh ideas and perspectives ahead of time.

1st Melton Share: “Defying The Standard Narrative” by Millicent Adjei

What is Africa? Our impression of the continent is often biased by misconception, generalization and one-sided media coverage. It’s time to face these stereotypes and develop a wider consciousness.

In this session, Millicent will offer us another understanding of Africa by providing personal insights into its multiple facets. She will talk about cultural peculiarities and will invite us to embrace the cultural richness of the continent.

Expect to be be confronted with stories and images that fail to comply with the standard narrative. May this impulse inspire us reflect, rethink and restructure our thoughts, and allow us to travel to this year’s GCC with hearts and mind that are a little more open.

About the Presenter: Millicent Adjei (Me-Lee-Sent A-ja-yee) is the Associate Director of Diversity and International Programs at Ashesi University. She is a Ford International Fellow and has over 12 years of experience in various senior management roles in higher education in Ghana. Outside Ashesi, Millicent is a Freelance Intercultural Trainer. At present, she is on study leave to pursue her Ph.D. in Comparative and International Development Education at the College of Education and Human Development, University of Minnesota, focusing her research on college access and success for low-income and first generation students from sub-Saharan Africa.

Click here to watch the recording!

2nd Melton Share: “Stop the Pity” by Katie Hale

At the GCC, conference participants from around the world and local project leads team up to find solutions for social and environmental challenges. In order for real collaboration to happen, it is important to start viewing people for who they really are instead of the stereotypes we’ve been conditioned to accept.
By using Mama Hope’s ‘Stop the Pity’ campaign as a framework, Katie invites us to questioning the single story narrative of poverty that emphasizes on differences and scarcity. Join her and be part of a different story, one that inspires, empowers and connects people across geographical distance, age, culture, gender and religion.

About the Presenter: Katie Hale is the Global Advocate Program Manager for Mama Hope, where she trains fellows in fundraising, storytelling, human-centered design, cultural awareness and servant leadership as they begin collaboration within Mama Hope’s partner organizations around the globe. She enjoys facilitating dialogue that allows young leaders to look at their work through perspectives that contribute to systemic change approaches by first understanding shared values within partnerships. She has an M.A. in Human Rights Education from the University of San Francisco where her research focused on community based education models and social movements.

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3rd Melton Share: “Co-Creation”

Four GCC trainers teamed up to co-create the 3rd and final Pre-GCC Online Activity on Co-Creation – a key aspect of Design Thinking and one of the skills that Melton Fellows develop during their time as Junior Fellows.

In the first part, Miriam Yasbay and David Schrade, both Design Thinking Experts at HPI School of Design Thinking, Germany, introduce you to the Session. Click here to watch part 1.

In the second part, Gordon Adomdza, Senior Assistant Professor in Design Thinking at Ashesi University, Ghana, gives insights into what to consider when co-creating with users. Click here to watch part 2.

In the third part, Miriam Yasbay and David Schrade, both Design Thinking Experts at HPI School of Design Thinking, Potsdam, Germany, talk about what to keep in mind when co-creating in teams. Click here to watch part 3.

In the fourth part, Claudia Nicolai, Academic Director of the HPI School of Design Thinking in Potsdam, Germany, shares with you the advantages and pitfalls when co-creating with project partners. Click here to watch part 4.

On-Site Activities

At the Global Citizenship Conference, participant will design Acts of Global Citizenship and kick-start project to help solve global issues in their communities. On-site activities are designed to help participants come prepared ...

In addition to online activities, we are organizing activities at our different partner universities to seek inspiration, exchange thoughts and come up with new ideas, which we can leverage at the conference in Ghana. Why? Because we know that meaningful Acts of Global Citizenship and Project Teams can only emerge if participants start exploring issues they feel passionate about, communities they form part of and inspiring approaches/tools before coming to the GCC.

Click here for a step-by-step guide to exploring issues, communities and approaches/tools on the ground.

There's much more to know about this Global Citizenship Conference, go find out!