Community Exchange Sessions

The GCC Community Exchange provides space and opportunity for conference participants and members of the local community to connect around GCC topics, approach them from multiple angles, explore personal experiences and share about local – or not so local – ways of tackling them. Let’s embody the global citizenship spirit by learning with each other about each other.

  • Meet Malavika Datar

    Malavika Datar

    Lean In Together : Uncovering Unconscious Biases, Discovering Traits and Leveraging them for Success

    Is success defined by gender? In this session, we will uncover unconscious biases towards people from various demographics, discover traits that nourish discrimination, and develop strategies to leverage them for success.

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  • Meet Marleen Haupt

    Marleen Haupt

    Can Yasuni be saved? A simulation game on sustainable economies

    We're in Ecuador, an oil-producing nation with one of the world’s most diverse ecosystems. Its Yasuní National Park holds oil worth billions of dollars in its soil. Ecuador cannot afford to pass up on selling the oil, but also wants to save its natural heritage. That's where you come in!

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  • Meet Eva Junge

    Eva Junge

    Climate Communication - it takes one good story to spark a movement

    “Truth and power belong to those who tell a better story” (Stephen Duncomb). This session is all about climate facts turned into stories to generate movement.

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  • Meet Julian Klauke

    Julian Klauke

    Is Colonialism Dead?

    Is colonialism dead? Most of us would probably think so. But then, why do stereotypes, perceptions and beliefs originating from colonization permeate our societies even today? And how do these old ideas still lead to inequality and racism?

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  • Meet Sonali Keshwa Murti

    Sonali Keshwa Murti

    "I" is Gender Neutral

    Men are not from Mars and women are not from Venus, rather we are all just human beings. Have you come across a situation where your gender overshadowed your talents and abilities due to societal norms and preconceptions? For all those whose answer is ‘Yes’, this workshop is for you!

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  • Meet Shannon Williamson

    Shannon Williamson

    #BlackLivesMatter To Me: Breaking the Silence on a Global Scale

    #BlackLivesMatter is more than just a social media hashtag: the Black Lives Matter Movement advocates for dignity, justice and respect for Black Life. This session will not only provide context on the recent police brutality in US but also connect how the #BlackLivesMatter movement relates to issues in your home country.

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