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Global Citizenship Conference 2016

The 2016 conference marked the Melton Foundation’s 25th anniversary. Find out what happened at a glance, or for a more detailed report, visit the GCC daily blog!


The Global Citizenship Conference (GCC) took place at Universidad de La Frontera (UFRO) from September 26th to October 2nd, 2016. The conference topics were:

Springboard Sessions

Springboard Sessions are the centerpiece of the Global Citizenship Conference. These inspiring talks by world-class speakers motivate others to take tangible action based on real-world examples of global citizenship.

Springboard Sessions

Springboard Sessions provoke action, thought and change around the world’s most challenging problems.

Launched in 2013, Springboard Sessions are the Melton Foundation’s signature event bringing leaders from around the globe to share intimate stories from their lives and work, get your thoughts on today’s global challenges through polls and interaction, and invite you to join them in their journeys, or start your own!

Meet our 2016 Springboard Session speakers:

Special performance: Magia Chilena

“Magia Chilena” is Universidad de La Frontera’s folk dance company. It was created in 2007 by UFRO students and employees who joined in their passion for Chilean and Latin American folklore. They have performed both on Chilean and international stages, such as Folklorama Festival in Winnipeg, Canada, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. The company is currently directed by Miguel Ángel Leiva, a former Bafona dancer, and it aims to make folk dance an integral part of art and culture in the La Araucania region.

Live Music: La Última Cuerda

"La Última Cuerda" is an initiative of local musicians that began in 2007 and adopted its current name in 2013. During the past few years they have acted as "chamber group" in various ceremonies all around the country. Their show is characterized by the interpretation of greatest hits and their own songs in the "orchestral pop" style. Piano, Violin, Cello, Percussion and Voice are the instruments that give life and identity to "La Última Cuerda" performances.


In small groups of 20-25 participants, you will join globally renowned experts to either explore one of this year's topics in-depth, or to hone one of the skills that should be in every global citizen's toolset. Explore our workshop tracks for ways to design the change you'd like to see within your communities!

  • Meet Alian Ollivierre, I am a Girl Barbados

    Alian Ollivierre, I am a Girl Barbados

    Building you: Empowering girls from the grassroots up

    In this session, we will explore opportunities and challenges of girls empowerment at grassroots level. Through real life activities from our Generation Y Program, we will cover skills that are crucial to inspire and empower for continued growth, such as effective leadership, self esteem building, comprehensive communication, and team and sisterhood building.

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  • Meet Leo Schwarz & Matthias Mann, ThINK

    Leo Schwarz & Matthias Mann, ThINK

    Sustainability and Carbon Footprints

    In this session, we will learn why solving the “energy problem” is one of our main tasks as we work towards sustainability. We will discuss opportunities that enable everyone to be part of the solution, and we will create concepts for a greener future together. During our discussion, we will focus on taking in the different perspectives of the stakeholders involved

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  • Meet Natalia Caniguan Velarde, Instituto de Estudios Indígenas

    Natalia Caniguan Velarde, Instituto de Estudios Indígenas

    Araucanía, Intercultural Region

    In this workshop, we will approach the current Mapuche world with the intention to understand how this indigenous group situates itself, and develops, in the Araucanía region. We will discuss how we engage in societies that are interculturally complex; how we develop ourselves in a space charged with stories, prejudices and notions about others, which form the basis of our daily interactions - especially in a region as eminently multicultural as the Araucanía.

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  • Meet Miriam Yasbay & Mana Taheri, HPI School of Design Thinking

    Miriam Yasbay & Mana Taheri, HPI School of Design Thinking

    Understand Problems, Identify Solutions : A Launchpad for Changemakers

    To make a difference on any global issue, you have to think big, yet start small - with a clear goal and the right team. Together, we'll embark on the changemaker journey. Our workshop is built upon the key principles of design thinking - empathize, explore, experiment, and engage, enabling you to detect problems, discover opportunities, explore solutions that matter to people and make meaningful impact as a team.

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  • Meet Katie Hale, Mama Hope

    Katie Hale, Mama Hope

    Discovering Your Why

    In order to have meaningful impact, we must first understand our core values and mission. This skills workshop will help participants find their “why”, express their greater purpose and passion, and connect more deeply with partners, funders and the work itself. You will gain the practical tools needed to jumpstart a fundraising campaign in an engaging and authentic way.

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  • Meet Geraldine Hepp, Amani Institute

    Geraldine Hepp, Amani Institute

    Creating Impact through Managing Self, Others and your Work

    In this skills workshop we will look at some useful tools that can help you create an impact model for your work that is compatible with who you are and how you work individually and in a team.

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  • Meet Jerome Bailey Jr., Jerome Bailey Media

    Jerome Bailey Jr., Jerome Bailey Media

    Storytelling, culture and me: Using digital media to impact your world

    Digital storytelling and digital media are at the forefront of the digital boom. They put the world at your fingertips and inspire people by giving hope, starting movements, and raising awareness. This workshop will show you how to become a visual storyteller in your own right, no matter your skill level. You will learn first-hand how to make your own digital stories and the elements that make a great story come to life, as well as how to gain access and connect with people.

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  • Meet Pooja Channaveerappa

    Pooja Channaveerappa

    From Problem to Solution: Engineering Virtual Teams

    Virtual teamwork is at the core of most collaborative projects today, empowering changemakers through impactful connections. It's also a key component of project teams at the Melton Foundation. However, online communication brings up unique challenges that add to the complexities of traditional, co-located teams. In this workshop, we will analyze the different snags and stumbling blocks in virtual teams and collectively brainstorm solutions and workarounds for our online groups.

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Field Trips

In these Field Trips, you can explore local answers to global challenges while experiencing the life and culture of Chile's Araucanía region.