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Beyond the Borders : An Indo-Pak Storytelling Venture

Beyond the Borders: Indo-Pak, a Melton Fellow-led storytelling initiative, is a recipient of the Melton Foundation Action Grant for projects upholding our mission of Global Citizenship and intercultural collaboration.

Led by Melton Fellow Shravani Vangur, and literature major Sara Hassan, ‘Beyond the Borders’ is an innovative initiative that draws upon storytelling to create a platform for inspiring, diverse and unique narratives. Centered around the theme of bridging gaps and creating connections through personal narratives, ‘Beyond the Borders’ promotes and highlights the joy, goodness, and unity present in our world communities.

The storytelling venture is a 50+ story project showcasing unique narratives of true love and tolerance from the people of Pakistan and India. The goal of this campaign is to promote unity and friendship between everyday citizens and to ignite hope for a better future through heartfelt tales and perspectives!

The project is hosted by Lighthouse, a new-media enterprise founded by Melton Fellows Ashitha Nayak, Camila Huecho, and the team, and is transformed into reality by the Melton Foundation Action Grants. ‘Beyond the Borders’ seeks to collaborate across a fractious geographical line to actuate Global Citizenship and realize a borderless world!

Melton Foundation Action Grant: 'Beyond The Borders: Indo-Pak' - A Theatrical Play

Melton Foundation Action Grants support Melton Fellows and teams to translate global citizenship into action. In collaboration with Ajoka Theater, Lahore, Lighthouse, and sponsored by the Melton Foundation, here is a childrens' theatrical play on Indo-Pak peace relations.

Little children from Chandigarh, India crossed the famous Wagha Indo-Pakistan border to workshop and rehearse with their Pakistani co-actors. Later the Pakistani kids paid a return visit which culminated in the premiere in Chandigarh.

The team then visited Pakistan to perform. Later in 2004, the play was revived by Ajoka in collaboration with the Springdale School, Amritsar, following the same process. The play was performed in Lahore, Islamabad, Amritsar and Delhi and attracted great media attention on both sides of the border. The bonds of friendship developed during the project led to long term friendships.

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