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Hubs are location-based, collaborative efforts to forge together a group of diverse individuals who join hands to be social agents of change in their communities. Based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN), their activities aim to culminate in a noticeable change at the grassroot level.

A Global Citizenship hub is the epicentre of global citizenry of an area. It is both a geographical and social entity for global changemakers to meet, brainstorm and innovate solutions to effect change in their localities. By leveraging the collective expertise and experience, it is possible to make a greater impact and undertake visible changes than as individuals!

Why do we establish local hubs?

Local hubs are spaces for individuals to air their voices and exchange ideas to create outcomes as a  product of collaboration and shared efforts. They serve as a bridge between the universal values propagated by global citizenship and local communities who harbour their own aspirations. We believe that any motivated individual with the desire to disrupt the status quo in order to enhance the well being of humankind and our planet can start his/her own hub to create a flourishing community of global citizenship leaders! 

Grassroots Impact at our Local Hubs

Our Local Hubs are the sources of impacts which influence and galvanise local communities to solve their own problems in a sustainable, inclusive manner. We believe in a multi stakeholder approach and solutions which involve local participants. You need not be a global person to solve global issues ; doing small acts of social change within your community has a multiplier effect which can create ripples of actions throughout the world!

Bengaluru, India

Bengaluru, dubbed as the Silicon Valley of India, is the site of one of the most happening, vibrant Global Citizenship Hub! With ample room for innovation and creative expression, we have witnessed numerous campaigns and projects yielding groundbreaking results. We consist of amazing individuals drawn from various walks of lives – entrepreneurs, engineers, social activists, environmental enthusiasts and so on. 


Bengaluru has hosted multiple Global Citizenship Conferences (GCC), Workshops, Climathon and many more such events. Explore the city more and learn about upcoming events!

Temuco, Chile

Our Global Citizenship Hub in Temuco is a huddling point for all the global citizens and passionate individuals of the Chilean city! Composed of a diverse representation, this Hub, which has time and again hosted Global Citizenship Conferences, workshops and other events is an exemplary leader in sustainability and action.

Buzzing with talent and expertise, the citizens of Temuco have converged in the face of challenges to emerge with unique, original ideas to solve unique problems. Know about the history of Temuco as a Melton Foundation Global Citizenship Hub!

Explore our other Hubs!

Our Global Citizenship Hubs are spread across six countries - Temuco in Chile, Bengaluru in India, New Orleans in USA, Jena in Germany, Greater Accra in Ghana and Hangzhou in China. Here is a brief glimpse at how we enable Global Citizenship in Jena, Accra, New Orleans and Hangzhou!

Jena, Germany

Jena, Germany

This German city famed for its greenery, museums and scenic views also happens to be one of our Global Citizenship Hubs! Teeming with keen minds full of innovative ideas and spirits, Jena has been the hubspot for numerous intercultural events.

Led by a community of young people, the global citizens residing here have spearheaded the movement for inclusivity and diversity by creating newer avenues for dialogue and practising sustainability within their localities. Through conferences and other intercultural events, Jena continues to evolve as a dynamic Global Citizenship Hub!

Accra, Ghana

Situated along the Atlantic coast, Accra provides the perfect spot for our global citizens across the world to meet, network and deliberate as a joint unit! Watching the community of Ghanaian global citizens in action gives one a glimpse into the power of local acts to create tangible changes at the grassroots level. 

The projects done by our chapter in Accra belong to topics as wide and diverse as women empowerment, eradication of diseases and using technology for the betterment of society. Dealing with local issues head on by leveraging a global network of knowledge and expertise has been the city’s source of strength. Accra continues to be a global changemaker and a leading advocate for ‘collaborate to create’!

Accra, Ghana

New Orleans, USA

New Orleans, USA

New Orleans, USA is the ideal setting for any global citizenship event to take place! The lively city with its vibrant community has rightly been dubbed as a ‘ melting pot of cultures ‘. Our Hub in New Orleans has for long been the choice for many of our intercultural events, orientations and conferences. 

Collaboration, creativity and sustainability have regularly featured in the city’s lexicon. The city’s network of global citizens come together to work on various projects which solve issues of universal relevance. They are a legion of individuals who are committed to the 17 UN SDGs and who undertake various acts to carry forward the discourse on global citizenship for an equitable and inclusive world!

Hangzhou, China

The Hangzhou Global Citizenship Hub is a place of global significance, having been the host for several conferences and meetings of international organizations. Steeped in history and culture, Hangzhou provides the idyllic setting for a global citizen to explore her environs and link them with the universal scheme of things. 

Our global citizenship campaign in Hangzhou has a colorful history. So far, it has been the site for many summits and conferences. We have undertaken various projects, from engaging with students in rural China and conducting educational activities, to organizing environmental campaigns around sustainability. With many more projects coming up and with our motivated community of young leaders, Hangzhou continues to be a promising center for Global Citizenship. 

Hangzhou, China

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