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All humans have the same basic needs and deserve the same rights and opportunities.

Deep down, we are all the same, independently of race, religion, origin, or status. Melton Fellows believe in the principles of universal human rights and value every person equally for who they are, not for which group they belong to.

Our Fellows are passionate about promoting equality and challenging discrimination against disadvantaged groups.  We rally for the rights of women and girls, fight against racism and homophobia, and raise awareness of biases against groups of people based on religion, nationality, culture, or on sexual orientation and sexual identity. We point out discrimination where we see it, and demand equality – for these and other minorities – through social media and civic courage.

But we go one step further: we support equity, which means giving people what they need to live fulfilling, healthy lives. We provide disadvantaged groups around the world the role models, skills, and tools to succeed in their societies.

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