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Melton Fellows learn and teach the skills to embrace and value diversity.

We value the uniqueness in every culture, religion and identity. Our diverse backgrounds enrich our communities and expand our perspectives.

Our societies are getting more diverse every day. As we get more interconnected in the virtual world, more and more people around the world have access to education, and many search for a better life and work opportunities outside their home countries, we have reached a new age of multiculturalism – but often, rigid political and social structures make it difficult to adapt to society’s rapid changes.

We see diversity as a value, an asset to be cherished. We also see that valuing diversity requires specific skills – an awareness of self, a sense of identity, empathy, strong cross-cultural communication skills, and more. Melton Fellows develop those skills in themselves, and they develop tools and deliver trainings that help others as well.

Explore how our fellows are promoting peaceful, just and diverse societies through their work:


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