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Climate Reality Project Team is looking for new members

The Melton Foundation has partnered with the Climate Reality Project. This organization, which was founded by Al Gore, is promoting awareness about climate change and actions to address this pressing global challenge. They are doing great work, but they need help considering cultural aspects when talking to audiences around the globe. The aim of our project is to provide a better contextualization of the climate change debate in our diverse cultures.

At the moment, our main focus is to consolidate the cooperation and establish our credentials as climate conversation leaders. Thus we envision the following phases of the project:

  1. Now to November: Organize viewing parties (formal or informal events) of Climate Reality’s “24 Hours of Reality” in each Campus
  2. Now to January: Identify local specialists, celebrities, or activists who could serve as climate embassadors.
  3. January to November 2014: Work together with Climate Reality in the conceptualization of next year’s “24 Hours of Reality”.

Some members of the team may have the opportunity to participate in one of the next Climate Reality Leadership Trainings, held either in Brazil or in South Africa (to be determined).

If you want to join us for any of the phases above, please contact me. And support “24 Hours of Reality” by joining our Facebook event.



Watch this brief introduction to “24 Hours of Reality”: