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3 Key Questions for Featured Fellow Steffen Bethmann

This month, we asked our featured fellow Steffen Bethmann to describe his work, how he follows the principles of global citizenship, and how he thinks we as a society can achieve global citizenship.

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Discover Palestine with Sofia Farah

Let Melton Fellow Sofia Farah take you on a journey  – a journey that made her embrace human rights on a global scale. 

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Finding friendship wherever you go

​StoryTelling is a project initiated by Melton Fellows to share short stories about people and their personal situations. This Story reflects about the capacity of children to easily explore the world, make friends and speak the truth.

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Journey Around the World in One Evening

Imagine you had the opportunity to go on a spontaneous “journey” to Iran, Armenia, Syria, Bangladesh or Poland and gain unique insights into each country’s culture and tradition — in just one evening. That’s precisely what the participants of “Around the World in One Evening” were able to do last January at FSU Jena.

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The Melton Foundation is hiring!

Thank you to all of our applicants. The application process is now closed.

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3 Key Questions for Featured Fellow Carolina Aedo

This month, we asked our featured Melton Fellow, Carolina Aedo, 3 key questions to learn more about how her experiences with the Melton Foundation helped her on her award-winning and entrepreneurial path.

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Highlights of 2014, and Continuing Growth in 2015

As the year comes to a close, we’re happy to look back on all the hard work our Fellows have accomplished over the year and recognize their hard work, as well as all the support our community has given to help Melton Fellows reach their goals. 

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Ashesi’s First Melton Event on Campus

Our newest partner campus has just recently held its first Melton Foundation activity on campus! About 50 members of the Ashesi community participated in an informaitonal and Q&A session on campus, including students, faculty and staff. 

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Workshop at Campus Jena: “What is culture?”

The Melton Foundation Campus in Jena, Germany invited intercultural trainer Barbara Nietzel to hold a workshop on the concept of “culture”. Melton Fellows and other students from Jena University joined the workshop to learn the theoretical concepts behind the topic and discuss it in context to their own lived experience. 

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Narratives: Premiere in Germany!

After one year of intense preparations, site visits for interviews, and post-production, the short-film, “Narratives,“ was shown at a public screening at Friedrich Schiller University, in Jena, Germany on November 20th, 2014. More than 60 people filled the small room, sitting on chairs and tables, to watch the movie and discuss its contents and production with the project team members. 

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