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Melton Fellow begins “Students and Mentorship Advancement Program (SAMAP)” to curb school dropout in Bawku West District, Ghana

"Since joining the Melton Foundation in 2023, my life has been profoundly transformed by its mission to promote global citizenship and intercultural exchange. The Melton Foundation's commitment to social responsibility has deeply influenced my approach to giving back to society."

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Fostering Empathy and Understanding: Highlights from our ‘Melton Meet-up Café’ 2024

The Melton Meet-up Café, an initiative started by Senior Fellows from the Chile Hub in collaboration with members from the Global Solvers program was born as a result of a very critical internal process that the Melton Foundation community has been experiencing since the beginning of the genocide that has been taking place in Gaza for the last 8 months.

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“A new chapter for Global Citizenship in India” – Melton Fellows from Bengaluru

On May 31 2024, Melton Fellows in India gathered in-person with a renewed spirit: to celebrate and ideate the newly-launched 'Melton Foundation India' arm of our organization. This establishment marks a significant milestone in fostering global citizenship and community impact locally. This gathering, enriched by insightful discussions and collaborative ideation, set the stage for "A new chapter for Global Citizenship in India".

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Reflections on Sankalp Africa Summit 2024: Catalyzing Impact for a Just Transition

"Made possible by the Melton Foundation Action Grants, from the moment I stepped into the venue, adorned with banners heralding the African Sankalp Summit, I knew I was in for a remarkable journey. The palpable energy, the vibrant atmosphere, and the sense of purpose that permeated the air were nothing short of inspiring."

An interview with Melton Fellow Shanice Kativi

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Empowering Women Through Poultry Farming

A Reflection on Community Impact by Tryphine Clara Dzimbanete

"The decision to focus on poultry farming stemmed from its potential to offer a viable source of income with relatively low start-up costs. As we embarked on this journey, we encountered three remarkable women, each facing their unique set of challenges as single mothers. Through the project, they were given the opportunity to gain independence, financial stability, and a sense of purpose."

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Empowering Youth Through Science: A Collaborative Initiative in Chile

In the heart of Chile, a transformative project has been unfolding, bridging the gap between academia and rural high school students, igniting a passion for science, and fostering a spirit of curiosity and empowerment. Led by the Melton Foundation Campus Temuco in collaboration with esteemed partners, this initiative aims not only to impart knowledge but also to instill confidence and inspire the next generation of changemakers.

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SDG Innovation Challenge 2023 – Impact Report

The SDG Innovation Challenge continues to grow and evolve, resonating with young Africans around social innovation and action across the continent. The SDG Innovation Challenge serves as a dynamic platform for young people to cooperate, network, and generate inventive solution concepts that tackle evolving challenges in their communities, advocating for sustainable development globally.

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Unveiling the Stars: Celebrating the Facilitators Behind the Global Solvers Co-Lab

Right in the heart of Gotha and Jena, Germany, something amazing happened this July 2023 – the Global Solvers Co-Lab. It was all about people coming together to make a difference. Let us introduce you to some of the incredible folks who made it happen: "We believe in the magic of collaboration!"

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Bengaluru Hub Visit: Cultivating Synergies for Sustainable Change

Empowering Minds, Igniting Change, and Cultivating Connections! In a dynamic and vibrant city like Bengaluru, where innovation meets tradition, our recently concluded Bengaluru Hub Visit marked a significant milestone for the Melton Foundation. From networking dinners to panel discussions, the visit was a whirlwind of inspiration and collaboration, all centered around the common goal of creating a better, greener future.

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Celebrating the Global Citizenship Challenge 2023: Unveiling the Champions of Change

The recently concluded and pioneer initiative, the 'Global Citizenship Challenge 2023', has left us inspired and hopeful for a brighter future. This unique competition brought together change-makers from around the world to showcase their 'Acts of Global Citizenship', highlighting their efforts in making a positive impact within their communities. With the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as their compass, over 165 passionate individuals from 20+ countries embarked on a journey to transform the world through their innovative solutions and collaborative action.

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