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Deep Dive Chile 2015: Hands-on global citizenship education 2.0

The call for applications to the Melton Foundation’s 2015 Deep Dive is now open. This year’s Deep Dive is themed “Public, rural education and indigenous people in Chile: an opportunity for global citizenship education 2.0?” and will benefit Mañiuco School near Temuco, Chile.

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Climate Reality Leadership Training: Our biggest takeaways

Melton Fellow Carrie Radloff relates her experience attending Climate Reality’s Leadership Training in Iowa together with fellows Paula Herrera Barrientos and Esteban Torres Baier.

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Announcing: Idea Hour

With the Idea Incubator 2015 on the verge of entering its first stage, we’re excited to share with you some great news: all Melton Fellows can be a part of Idea Hour every Sunday at 5:00PM GMT, starting on May 31st. There will be one last chance to apply and be a part of the following phases of the program.

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Melton Share: Mixing the Art and Science of Living Sustainably

Mixing science with the art of living sustainably can form a cohesive sphere of existence. Watch the Melton Share to find out how Sonali at ABB India and others have created successful projects like these on the ground in India and other countries.

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Introducing The Vagina Monologues in Iquitos, Peru

Melton Fellow Eva Junge received an MF Action Grant to implement a project to help promote equality and empowerment for women in Iquitos, Peru. Through this public presentation of “The Vagina Monologues”, the project opened discussion about an underrepresented topic in the area, amongst a diverse group of women spanning age, nationality and life experience.

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Human Trafficking: Context, Culture and Challenges

Human Trafficking (HT) is not a new issue, but it is being framed in a new and powerful way. Join Mel Miller Garrett as she approaches the topic from her 20 years of experience of working with victims of HT and explores cultural and contextual aspects that contribute to HT victims’ vulnerability.

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Important Resources from the 2015 Ashoka U Exchange

The Ashoka U Exchange 2015, the world’s largest convening for social entrepreneurship in higher education, was a wonderful learning opportunity. The Exchange brings together university faculty, staff, administrators and students representing 150 global institutions to share new ways of teaching and learning that will shape the way educational institutions influence the world.

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There is Only One Thing We Can’t Do: Nothing!

”You knew all the effects of climate change and you did nothing?” If we do nothing, this is the question newer generations will ask, and that’s not what we want. At the climate reality leadership corps training in Delhi, India, 450 people from 26 countries had the opportunity to exchange ideas for solving the climate crisis – among them four Melon Fellows.

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Influential Global Business and Policy Leaders Join New Melton Foundation Advisory Board

The Melton Foundation is convening a select group of influential global business and policy leaders through its Advisory Board. The Melton Foundation actively promotes global citizenship as a way for individuals and organizations to work together across boundaries of place and identity to address global challenges. We accomplish this through a portfolio of hands-on projects and activities that involve a growing network of Melton Fellows, universities, and partners in diverse world regions who share our commitment to promoting global citizenship.

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Leveraging Networks for Impact, Part 2: Best Practice Roundtable

The second “Leveraging Networks for Impact” roundtable took place on November 19th at the Institute for International Education (IIE), convened by IIE, the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs and the Melton Foundation. Other representatives of institutions that fund or manage global networks of scholars, fellows, or other types of leaders joined them to share best practices for how these networks can contribute to transformative positive change.

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