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We are all humans – so we have the same rights!

Welcoming people who have already lost their safety and freedom is the only right thing to do, says Melton Fellow Leo Schwarz.

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FSU Jena conference recap: Creating a more inclusive society

Us vs. the others? Why do we actually think in such categories? Who defines who is ‘us’ or ‘the others’?

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“We’re normal, just not common”: Swinging both ways in India

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if someone walked up to you and said you weren’t ‘allowed’ to have four limbs? That you would have to either hide or fight something you were born with?

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Featured Act: Empowering girls with tech & science in Ghana

This post is the first Featured Act from our 100 Acts of Global Citizenship program. To discover more acts, visit our campaign page! Vladimir Fomene, a Melton Fellow from Cameroon, studies Computer Science at Ashesi University. When he started thinking about his Act of Global Citizenship, Vladimir wanted to address a social cause in his own field of study. That’s […]

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Pasand: A journey towards gender equality

In October, Melton Fellow Neli Blum joined a small team of young and passionate ladies that are dedicated to work towards a gender equal society in India. 

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