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Campus Visits 2013

Like last year, the Global Selection Team will again travel to all campuses to help with the application process of the new Melton Fellows.

Fellows Carolina Aedo (UFRO) and Hari Ravikumar (BMS) will be joined by Markus Lang and Patty Ortiz (Executive Office). Together, they are supporting the campuses with…

  • training to use the Global Selection Criteria and the selection process
  • participating in the final interviews
  • organizing Melton Meetings
  • skill workshops and content sessions such as
    • “We’re Global Citizens!” – Now what?
    • Assertive communication
  • meetings with fellows and TTs to cover MF matters.

Lars Dietzel, Senior Fellow & Interactive Coordinator, will be present at the visit to DU, UFRO and BMS campuses. Bix Gabriel, our Communication and Marketing Specialist, will join Caro, Hari, Lars, Markus, and Patty at BMS to help with the preparation and organization of the 2013 Global Citizenship Conference in Bangalore.

The dates for the campus are the following.

DU April 1-7 Markus, Patty, Lars
UFRO April 14-17 Markus, Patty, Lars, Caro
ZU April 19-24 (TBC) Markus, Hari
FSU April 26-28 Patty, Caro
BMS May 1-7 Markus, Patty, Lars, Bix, Caro, Hari


For any question please don’t hesitate to contact Patty Ortiz at portiz@meltonfoundation.org or Markus Lang at mlang@meltonfoundation.org.