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Call for Trainers in the New Fellow Orientation 2015

We are opening the call to all Fellows and Task Team members to participate as Trainers in the New Fellow Orientation (NFO) in Frankfurt, Germany from March 5-9, 2015 (including arrival and departure days).

The NFO includes training in leadership, teambuilding, communication, project development and implementation, as well as global citizenship concepts, values, and practices.  

The objectives of the NFO are:

  • to build on the curriculum of the Training Program and encourage learning and skill development for global citizenship and professional success, inside and outside the Melton Foundation
  • to provide a deeper understanding of the MF and the opportunities it brings for Fellows
  • to provide all New Fellows the opportunity to get to know each other face-to-face.

In order to fulfill these objectives, we are looking for skilled and experienced trainers in the following subject areas:

  • Leadership/team building
  • Intercultural Communication, Communication Skills (general and online), Cultural awareness and knowledge
  • Project development and implementation, Creativity and idea development, Resource development and crowd-funding, Impact assessment
  • Global Citizenship in theory and practice

We see this list as an open framework that needs to be filled with the specific competencies of the trainers, to give it their personal touch. If you are an experienced trainer in any other field that does not appear here, but that you are convinced is a necessary component of global citizenship education… make the case why your training should be part of the NFO in your application!

So – if you think you have what it takes to guide the New Fellows further on their path to grow as global citizens, don’t hesitate to apply.

Skill and Experience Requirements

  1. Teaching and/or training and facilitation experience
  2. Knowledge in one or more of the above subject areas
  3. Ability to design a training and deliver it in a dynamic, interactive and substantive way in English

Application Procedure

Please submit the following documents no later than December 10, 2014.

  1. Personal information:
    1. Name
    2. Fields of study and degrees obtained
    3. Current job/studies
    4. Any other jobs/studies/experiences that are relevant to this application
  2. Summarize your experience and knowledge in teaching, training or group facilitation.
  3. Please indicate for which of the topic areas you are applying and summarize your knowledge of this area. A brief outline for a proposed workshop will be helpful, but is not necessary.
  4. If applicable, explain why your training should be part of the NFO.

Applications should be submitted directly to Patricia Ortiz and Markus Lang. If you have any questions for clarification, please contact us as well.

The MF will pay for all expenses for trainers during the NFO and travel costs to Frankfurt, Germany.