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Before it Happens

Ever feel like you are pointed to something before it even appears? That you needed to do something, change something, join something, make something happen—before you knew exactly what it was? That is how I felt when I got the announcement about the Deep Dive to Haiti. I had long felt desire to travel to Haiti and had recently started to feel the need to do something. Having started working at an global education nonprofit I started to interact with people and groups that were in country working with education and other programs on the ground and I found myself wanting to be an implementer in some way shape and form.

Enter email from Lars in my inbox informing of the Deep Dive—the something had now appeared. So now I will be traveling with the MF Deep Dive group to Haiti to work on communication plan with América Solidaria Haití / Fé y Alegría—taking what I know into an unknown situation that I look forward to explore. And you get to explore it with me.

Me, a 2006 SF from Dillard University who studied Mass Communication and Public Relations and since then has worked in politics, been a teacher and now is in communications at a development nonprofit. I am a writer and I fancy myself an amateur photographer so pictures of me are few and far between.

So explore with me,