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Bridge 47: A call for civic action!

When it comes to problem-solving and challenging power structures, we can sometimes underestimate the power of civic action. We as citizens, both local and global, hold a level of strength and wisdom that can cause real revolutions – especially when we join together. It is time to release the 'power of togetherness' and the Melton Foundation's contribution to the Bridge 47 Global Event at the International Civil Society Week 2019 in Belgrade, Serbia is a testament to the same.

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The Melton Fellowhip: Where you become the change

How can I change the world from where I stand?
At least since the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals in 2015, it’s become common understanding that the issues we are facing today are complex by nature, and global in its effects. There are 7.7 billion people who share this planet. Just think of the impact all these people could have if they worked together, from climate action to eradication of poverty: It would be huge!

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