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Caring for the World

When we commit to taking care of our world, it's not that hard to bring Global Citizenship to life - in your community, workplace, or anywhere we choose.

The problems we need to solve are ‘universal’, and for most, our circle of influence is ‘local’. So the question arises: how can individuals like you and me – concerned about the state of the world – contribute to change at the local level while moving the needle at a global scale?

Here’s the good news: Change happens in ripples and can start at any level, starting in our own backyard. All it takes to inspire change at scale is a shift in mindset – we need to think globally while acting locally.

Everyone has the power to change the way the world works! Sometimes, we just need is a little nudge to awaken the changemaker within! #100Acts of Global Citizenship is just that: a proven methodology to create a more Sustainable, Equitable and Diverse tomorrow and a platform to join forces with people from different walks of life who work to remedy global issues, one act at a time.

#100Acts – infinite possibilities!

#100Acts of Global Citizenship

Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world!
#100Acts of Global Citizenship unite individuals around the world to make a small but meaningful difference on an issue their communities are facing. Here is a showcase of what that changemakers across the globe have accomplished – on a small, doable scale.

What's an Act of Global Citizenship?

Since its ratification in 2015, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have become the hallmark of sustainable development in the modern era. In order to achieve these goals by 2030, however, organizations, governments, individuals and civil society must engage with the SDGs beyond the business-as-usual practices.

With the SDGs as a reference framework for global issues and a call to action when defining your Act of Global Citizenship, a simple act can mean the world!

So, what makes a simple act, an Act of Global Citizenship? Here’s our not-so-secret recipe:

  • Keep it Simple: Any one person should be able to lead an Act of Global Citizenship.
  • Drive your Passion: Powerful Acts of Global Citizenship connect individual passion with motivation to drive social change.
  • Leverage your unique asset(s): If you use your strength(s) and skill set to drive the change you want to see, your Act of Global Citizenship will become a piece of cake!
  • Stay Local: Connect your Act of Global Citizenship with a community you already know.
  • Think Global: Keep an eye on what global perspectives can add to the local picture … and add that Global Citizenship spice to your act.
  • Be realistic: Acts of Global Citizenship can take two hours, two days, or even two months. It’s up to you – and the people you want to engage.
  • Get Creative: From starting a tough conversation with friends and family to launching a recycling petition at work – You decide which shape your Act of Global Citizenship should take.
  • Take one step at a time: Acts of Global Citizenship further the Goals of Sustainable Development, no matter how small – whether it’s a family member or friend becoming more gender-sensitive, or your company changing its policy on sustainability.
  • Spread the word: Tell us and others about what you did, why and how – only then will your ‘Act’ inspire others, locally as well as globally.


We’ve developed these parameters based on our definition of Global Citizenship as:

  • Awareness of global issues and how our actions affect not only our own communities but other communities around the globe.
  • Imbibing Responsibility for the world’s problems, and because of this responsibility,
  • Taking Action to forge collaborative solutions to these problems across the street, and across the world.