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100 Acts of Global Citizenship

How can committed yet busy citizens of the world take action on an issue they are passionate about?

100ActsPlain_HorizIt’s not that hard to bring Global Citizenship to life around the world – in your community, workplace, or anywhere you choose.

This program gives committed people – like you – an intensive overview of a global issue along with a pathway to solving it and the framework for them to map their action on that issue.


#100Acts – the possibilities are truly infinite.

Why are we doing this?

"Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world” - Howard Zinn

As an organization devoted to making global citizenship tangible, we firmly believe in that statement. But we also know that most people, though they have the will to take action, often lack the path and the time. This is why Melton Fellows are leading the way by doing small, achievable acts in their community that make a tangible difference on an issue their communities are facing.

Because changing the world can begin with small Acts of Global Citizenship.

What's an Act of Global Citizenship?

It’s simple: an action taken locally, on an issue that has global relevance, with that global context in mind. Acts of global citizenship can vary greatly in scope, impact, timeframe and effort. The examples on the right of this page are all acts of global citizenship – on a small, doable scale. They’re:

  • Simple acts that any one person can do to address a social issue.
  • Acts done with or in a community that you already know. So no, you won’t have to save children in a foreign land.
  • Acts can be executed in two hours, two days, or even two months. It’s up to you.
  • Acts can use any methodology or format – from starting a conversation with friends and family to making and distributing an online zine. You decide.
  • Acts create tangible impact, no matter how small – whether it’s your brother becoming more gender sensitive or your company changing its policy on sustainability.

We’ve developed these parameters based on our definition of global citizenship as:

  • Awareness of global issues and how our actions affect not only our own communities, but other communities around the globe.
  • Taking responsibility for the world’s problems, and because of this responsibility,
  • Actingo forge collaborative solutions to these problems across the street and across the world.