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Celebrating Intercultural Diversity

At the Melton Foundation, diversity has always been one of our core strengths and forms an integral part of our values and beliefs. The diverse background of our community enhances our experiential learning experience and provides an authentic, open and vibrant environment for us to exchange thoughts, ideas and forge collaborations!

21st May is celebrated as the ‘World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development’, a day to acknowledge and appreciate the depth of cultural diversity found within regions around the world! This day provides the global community an opportunity to extract stories of resilience, change, and strength from the understanding and experience of culture.

This May, we invite you to join us in commemorating International Diversity Day by participating in our Cultural Photolibrary Showcase, and help us put together a ‘Digital Album Celebrating Diversity’! Our Showcase aims to collate digital photographs from amateur or seasoned shutterbugs to string together a series of cultural highlights sourced from pockets of societies across the globe!

“What does Diversity mean to you?”

Ultimately, our Digital Album for Diversity strives to encapsulate the varied and rich backgrounds of culture and people, be it a glimpse into the traditional backyards of your house or a festival that captures joyful moments interspersed with cultural elements! See for yourself here

Join the journey!

This ‘World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development’, join hands to celebrate diversity and unravel the different and distinct flavors of its various elements!