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Why Apply

Joining the Melton Foundation gives you a window into the world and a worldwide platform to make a difference.

As a Melton Fellow, you will:

  • Experience new cultures and improve your ability to work across barriers of country, nationality and culture
  • Expand your global knowledge on a diverse range of topics – from sustainability to cultural diversity
  • Gain new skills through hands-on workshops, activities and trainings, as well as events like the Global Citizenship Conference
  • Put these skills to use in the ‘real world’ – in your career, your community, and around the world, and
  • Work in teams with Fellows on campus, in other countries and online on projects that make a positive impact locally and globally.

The Melton Fellowship starts while you are in university. Through online learning, teamwork, and travel to other countries you will collaborate with Melton Fellows around the world to become a global citizen. After you graduate from university, you will become a Melton “Senior” Fellow and continue to collaborate in projects of increasingly higher profile and impact.

In short, when you join the Melton Foundation, you become equipped to be a global citizen – for life.

Who Can Apply

The Foundation is currently associated with six universities. In general, first- and second-year students at these six universities may apply to be a Melton Fellow.

The Melton Foundation is looking for future fellows:

  1. Who are – or show clear evidence of potential to become – global citizens, and
  2. Who can and will promote global citizenship through support for like-minded partner organizations, and through her/his own global citizenship projects

Here are the specific characteristics we are looking for:

Global perspective and intercultural competence

  • Knowledge about foreign cultures, international issues, global challenges and solutions
  • Intercultural experience, whether across the street or across the world.

Track record of active involvement in their societies

  • Engagement in local initiatives with a connection to global topics
  • Personal initiative, and teamwork experience
  • Strong communication skills (oral and written)

General skills

  • Strong academic record
  • Basic to intermediate English language skills
  • Intermediate to advanced computer skills.

How to Apply

If you think YOU can be a global citizen, please check back soon for details about the 2017 application window!
All applications MUST be complete and submitted by your University’s specific deadline.


The deadline to submit your application for your specific university is:

Ashesi (Accra, Ghana) tba
BMS (Bangalore, India) tba
DU (New Orleans, USA) tba
FSU (Jena, Germany) tba
UFRO (Temuco, Chile) tba
ZU (Hangzhou, China) tba

Applications received after the campus deadline will not be considered.


After each campus’ application deadline, 10-15 finalists from each campus will be invited to a selection interview with a global selection team.
The final interviews will take place throughout April 2017. Please check back around December 2016 for the dates.

Finalists will be informed by early May whether their application was successful.

Apply now to join the Melton Foundation!

When you join the almost 500 Melton Fellows around the world, you become part of a global network – for life. Melton Fellows from China to Chile, Germany to India, and Ghana to the United States, come together to learn about our different cultures, common challenges and unique solutions.