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New Fellow Orientation

This is where our New Fellows come together and explore, grow and stretch their global citizenship muscle.

After learning, sharing and working together online for over six-month, the New Fellow Orientation brings together our most recent batch of Fellows to build bonds of trust and develop necessary competencies and skills they need in order to tackle important issues in project teams with their peers around the world and at their universities.

The three-fold purpose of the New Fellow Orientation is:

New Fellow Orientation 2017

The New Fellow Orientation 2017 took place from 20-25 January 2017 in Berlin, Germany.

Over the course of five days, New Fellows, together with experienced trainers and project partners, developed individual and collective global citizenship competencies in hands-on activities and workshops. Together, they will build awareness for important global issues and explore how they can leverage their own capacity and that of their peers in order to tackle these issues in a meaningful and tangible way.

The #NFO2017 may be over …

… but the journey continues. Take glimpse at what we learned during the New Fellow Orientation 2017 here!


Meet the trainer team who made our New Fellow Orientation 2017 happen: