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Photo Exhibit On Haiti: An Act of Global Citizenship

Melton Fellow Olaf Schiller was making a short trip from Germany to Haiti to teach young men to repair motorcycles. How did his act of global citizenship connect the two countries?

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Mapping Our Community: Melton Foundation Internship

Cristina Mardones (a Fellow from UFRO campus in Temuco, Chile) recently completed a four-month internship with the Melton Foundation. The primary goal of her internship was to find out what we need to improve as a community and how to go about making the changes. She worked closely with staff members Patricia Ortiz, Lars Dietzel, the Lead Fellows of the different campuses, and 12 external agents of the MF community.

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Do You Have What it Takes to be a Godparent?

Another cycle of the legendary MF Godparents program is about to start, and you could be the next godmother or godfather to one of our New Fellows 2013.

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News from China: What do the suicides by China’s rural teachers mean?

In the latest article from our partnership with Global Voices, the online citizen bloggers’ platform, Melton Fellow Danping Wang reports on the recent spate of suicides by rural teachers in China.

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Communication Plan and Fundraising: Ashley Wilson

Foi et Joie is a non-profit that manages the complete management process for 17 schools across Haiti. Together with volunteers from América Solidaria, Ashley worked on a communication plan for the organization – determining audiences, products and languages of each – for the upcoming year. Ashley also wrote about the Deep Dive sharing her impressions before, during and after.

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Strategic Communication and Social Media: Bernardita Ruffinelli

Bernardita Ruffinelli (Chica) collaborated with América Solidaria – both in the international office in Chile as well as in Haiti – to develop and implement a comprehensive communications strategy to promote their work in and experiences from the projects more effectively.

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Community Health and Cholera Prevention: Michael Cercasov & Silvia Denys

During a severe Cholera outbreak in 2012, the Grand Boukan community established an Oral Rehydration Point (ORP) with the support of Noumenm and América Solidaria Haiti to provide life-saving intervention locally – a treatment, that otherwise would have only been accessible in bigger cities.

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Subsistence Agricultural Alternatives: Diego Nicolas

Farmers of Grand Boukan harvest and maintain some natural resources like sugarcane, mangoes, corn and bananas but they had little knowledge about how to cultivate them as a crop. Monoculture and ongoing deforestation have made the soil erosive.

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Community Organization and Grassroots Leadership Development: Juli Maier & Cristina Mardones

The workshop conducted by Julia and Cristina trained future leaders of Grand Boukan to create an inclusive space for the members of their community, where abilities, knowledge and roles are considered through discussion and self-assessment. Leaders have to inspire individuals to participate in decision-making process where different visions and viewpoints complement one another to create projects to improve the overall situation.

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Teaching with Impact – Teacher Training and Rural School Management: Johanna Stahl

The Haitian government does not run schools in remote areas like Grand Boukan and students usually have to walk long distances in order to attend school. So the community of Grand Boukan in cooperation with Noumenm set up their own school, the Bassin Thomas community school. However, the lack of funding hinders regular schooling, de-motivates teachers and puts the future of the school at risk.

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