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“A lesson on violence on an ordinary day” in Storytelling for Change

It’s just another Monday in a quiet Berlin suburb. A middle-aged man jumps out of his car and runs over to the sidewalk, where a 15-year-old boy is walking with some friends back home from school ...

By Juli Maier, Melton Fellow & Program Coordinator Continue reading on Storytelling for Change »

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Featured Act: Empowering girls with tech & science in Ghana

This post is the first Featured Act from our 100 Acts of Global Citizenship program. To discover more acts, visit our campaign page! Vladimir Fomene, a Melton Fellow from Cameroon, studies Computer Science at Ashesi University. When he started thinking about his Act of Global Citizenship, Vladimir wanted to address a social cause in his own field of study. That’s […]

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Global citizenship: Bursting the bubble

Life doesn’t come with warnings. Neither does it make announcements. The things that change your life always happen in the blink of an eye. And one life-changing experience happened to nineteen young adults from across the globe in January 2016 ...

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Samagra: A holistic look at social innovation

Samagra, an international conference on technology, sustainability and social innovation hosted by the Melton Foundation at its partner university BMS in Bangalore, explored technology’s emerging role in steering the society towards inclusion and sustainability. 

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Social innovation, Indian style

Senior Fellow Alafia Stewart reflects on her experience attending the Social Innovation Exchange Summer School in Mumbai, India, last November.

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Pasand: A journey towards gender equality

In October, Melton Fellow Neli Blum joined a small team of young and passionate ladies that are dedicated to work towards a gender equal society in India. 

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Melton Fellow meets former President of Nigeria

As a proud citizen of Nigeria, I had always wished for an opportunity to speak with President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. My curiosity as a global citizen coupled with my interest in understanding the day-to-day runnings of the presidency of a country sparked my interest to speak with him at the University of Virginia.

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This Melton Fellow is meeting refugees halfway

Many people feel powerless as they watch a human catastrophe such as the European refugee crisis unfold. But not Melton Fellow Leo Schwarz. Leo decided he could not sit idle while so many people were experiencing unspeakable suffering so close to his doorstep. Read about his journey!

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Learning to Talk Trash in New Longoro

MF Executive Director Winthrop Carty explains what he learned about co-design when working together with a community in Ghana to solve their trash problem.

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2015 GCC Roundup: The best one yet!

Last month, around 100 fellows, educators, speakers and friends of the Melton Foundation gathered for the 2015 Global Citizenship Conference (GCC) in Hangzhou, China, a week-long event which brings students and professionals from 6 countries together to learn from one another, collaborate on projects and turn ideas into concrete action. 

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